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Amazfit BIP Watch Face Customised - SocioFab

Latest Android Method to Change/Install New Watch Faces on Amazfit BIP (Cor and Pace) Smartwatch

(Updated November 2018) Let us cut the long stories and customize our Amazfit BIP (and Cor) SmartWatch with Superb New Faces Now :– 1. Visit Amazfit Bip & Cor WatchFaces on Google Playstore… Now, select your favorite watch face using the easy interface. The App itself explains how you can select your LANGUAGE and […]

Comparing Low Maintenance Smart Watches and Smart Bands (Updated prices October 2018)

Smart watches are rapidly becoming more prevalent than fitness trackers, thanks to the Apple Watch. You do not have to be an iPhone user to use one because there are a variety of high-end Android Wear devices to pick from. However, if you are not sure whether if you would […]

Vivo V7 Android Smartphone Complete Honest Review

When it comes to the selfie-focused mobile phones market in Pakistan, Chinese Smartphone players Oppo and Vivo unquestionably rule the mid-price segment. The vivo V7 has plenty to make an outstanding first impression – Elegant design, Full View Display, High-Resolution Cameras, Fashionable Chipset, Excellent Title and to top it off, […]

Amazfit BIP Lite Custom Face Technique

How to Change/Install New Watch Faces on Amazfit BIP (and Pace) Watches

Let’s cut the long stories and customize your Amazfit BIP SmartWatch with Superb New Faces Now :– 1. Visit amazfitswatchesface… Now, select your favorite watch face and download the ‘.bin’ file for that face. Check carefully for the language of these faces since the developers of some of these custom […]

SocioFab - S6 Edge & One M9

Do the victory Dance for 2015: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge vs. HTC One M9

March 1st, 2015 marks the day for unveiling the most advanced Smartphones. At their command center in UK, Samsung introduces Galaxy S6 while HTC launch One M9. Here we are, making a lenient comparison of specs to review and compare both the champs in consumer point of view type-a-thing! Design […]