Not being OBSESSED with “Media’s Materialism”

Normally, I wouldn’t spread criticism or anything even close to it but this issue is being experienced in almost every corner of the world with different angles while people (viewers of the media) are being made a fool off!

The race of getting higher ratings has lead Pakistani media to curb a drastic influence in our society’s overall behaviour. First, there was an extravaganza wedding seasons being displayed on morning shows, racing to gain ratings through roguish tactics and inspiring to spend and show off more, on weddings. This made a multifaceted stride on those who can’t afford such over expense. Then there was a drift of fake supernatural inspirational demonstrations that just started to mislead people’s beliefs to feel that everything happens to them is just because of mischievous trick of voodoo or black magic done by some enemy or some kind of supernatural force attacking those who are wealthier than them.

Puzzled Audience not Knowing

Formerly, there came a new flow of Ramadan transmission which gradually twisted into more of a game show then a religious illustration. A specific broadcast group commercialized to turn this sacred month transmission into not more game competition. Others followed the trail to gain higher ratings and now, almost all Pakistani entertainment media is just bursting with game shows hosted by celebrities.

The point of concern is, perpetuation to distribute prizes with cheap manoeuvres is something very disquiet giving away gifts and prizes like a takeaway in return of stupid activities; or even audience which behaves more like a group of vagrants asking for mobiles, lawn brands and/or vehicles. Where is our self-esteem gone? Are these things worth that much that we can’t do or say anything on the global television? Game show is a term that is vastly presented throughout the world’s various media channels. It is conducted with a proper code of conduct where audience present at studios are allowed to enjoy or laugh however the participants are selected on basis of their intelligence and demonstrate their capabilities to win rewards and prizes. Instead, the game shows currently on-aired at Pakistani entertainment channels distribute prizes on basis of chaos and impractical attitude shown by the present-audience and asked insane questions by celebrity anchors.

Finally, imminence of summer season is frothed with Lawn clothing promotional offers, which is another tactic of corporate marketing and branding. It is sincerely a positive sign since “Thousands of brands are incorporated with the fabric which is supposed to be worn by only the conventional class of the society”. It has now become an expensive luxury causing a sprint pace to elite class. It has become a painful experience while travelling on roads and having a glance on Billboards across highways and roads promoting lawn brands with reprehensible clicks of male and female models. Accidents have also been reported in some crowded highways!

SocioFab - Expose Billboard Models

Asking my final question to myself, is this which we are expecting to achieve as a nation? Why are we so obsessed with materialism?

Basic needs of us humans aren’t winning clothing, mobiles or vehicles of cheap brands at game shows. We have indulged everything in corporate culture including religion, entertainment, and education. These must be endorsed in upright manner for a mutual progress within the economy towards the right direction and cultivate etiquettes to maintain a civilized society.

Not being OBSESSED with “Media's Materialism”
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Not being OBSESSED with “Media's Materialism”
How the Media which is supposed to spread positive vibes is doing the opposite!