- True n Falsehood

Easy VS Difficult

There would be a million times in life when you would have to choose from amongst two situations and we tend to choose the easy way out. You would get confused regarding what is the right thing to do. The easy way out is not always the righteous one, in […] - Trained Parakeet

Yet another form of Love; Our Birdie

With this world full of cuteness, Parrots are cute and yet another form of God’s Love for us. It is said that parrots can be your best companion. However conditions apply. If you pet a baby budgie and feed it, it starts recognising you and the hand with which you […]

C for Cocoa and C for Clothes;

Dresses made out of Chocolate     What is it that women love? Elegant and pretty clothes. What is it that women love more than pretty clothes? Think, think, think… Chocolate!   Nowhere does it happen but on the runway of Le Salon du Chocolat, that we get to see […]

Not so yummy biscuits turned yummy

There is this energy biscuit that I don’t like at all. They are said to provide you with instant energy, have a lot more benefits alongside like low on calories and keep you healthily active and blah! Even whilst knowing all its benefits, I do not like how it tastes […]

5 Cutest Cat memes ever!

  I love you more.   Haha! Defender of cuteness.   Aww.. She’s too cute to be left alone.   Looks like she is crying.   Haha! For the Peace of Mind. Cats are Cute And Cats are Fabulous okay? End of story.   Orby Cooper.  

Marissa Mayer – Influential much

We all admire this one person who happens to be motivational and inspirational for us, so much that we want to be like them. Marissa Mayer, an appreciably talented and commendably successful, is one of those people, motivating you at times when you are going through the phase of “what’s […]