Not so yummy biscuits turned yummy

There is this energy biscuit that I don’t like at all. They are said to provide you with instant energy, have a lot more benefits alongside like low on calories and keep you healthily active and blah! Even whilst knowing all its benefits, I do not like how it tastes […]

5 Cutest Cat memes ever!

  I love you more.   Haha! Defender of cuteness.   Aww.. She’s too cute to be left alone.   Looks like she is crying.   Haha! For the Peace of Mind. Cats are Cute And Cats are Fabulous okay? End of story.   Orby Cooper.  

Marissa Mayer – Influential much

We all admire this one person who happens to be motivational and inspirational for us, so much that we want to be like them. Marissa Mayer, an appreciably talented and commendably successful, is one of those people, motivating you at times when you are going through the phase of “what’s […]

Girls have better things to do

This is to all the girls out there waiting for your Mr. Perfect to arrive, treat you like a princess and take you into a palace full of love, a palace where you can roam around wearing royal empress clothes, a palace where you would no longer have to work, […]

The combination of Red and Green

What is it that is not just hot but fiercely hot? Red is the pure Capsaicin pepper and so is Green. Red is the Naga Jolokia pepper and so is Green. Red is the Dorset Naga pepper and so is Green. Red is the Savina Habanero pepper and so is […]

Yummy Jelly Flip Flops

Are you one of those people who feel hungry after every while? An hour ago you had breakfast, now you are hungry again and feel the need for brunch? Then I guess you should go and have brunch, this post is just not for you because not everything that seems […]