Xperia M vs Xperia L

The affordable Sony knockout: Xperia L VS Xperia M

While Sony looks pretty straightforward on the notion to “become the world’s third best Smartphone Company” most probably within 2014’s range because this year is almost over; we get ourselves a lot of juicy material in terms of phones to choose from in the eco-section! While Xperia SP and ZR […]

A house on a Fish Fin

A fish and a house; simplified!

So this day I was asking myself a weird question: What would happen if some fish are found under my house and the flooring disappears from under my feet?!? There were lots of images flashing in front of me with the Piranha movie’s scenes with the most occurrences. Searched a […]

Female Infanticides – A Threat to Humanity

A small little baby girl, snuggles in your arms. You caress her cheeks, so soft, so delicate; they turn red at your lightest touch. You take her small little adorable hands in yours. They seem so fragile that you’re afraid of even taking hold of it. But when you do […]

Society’s Dirt

Cleaning the Dirt   Our society has so many flaws that in order to clear them up, I don’t know where to start from. In fact “so many” is much like an understatement. The numbers of problems in our society are probably just as much as the number of individuals […]

Stay safe, don’t try this at home!

When you hear this ^ the first thing that pops in your mind is either John Cena saying; “Stay safe, don’t try this at home or at school.”, in his hot and husky voice, some other wrestler or you think of wrestling. But when I say it, I mean something […]

Eating Habits affect our Performance

Energy is the strength and vitality required by your body to work and remain active. It is meant to be consumed by your body. It is required by your body for a lot of purposes; every system in our body requires energy to work; naming the nervous system, respiratory system […]