Pre-wedding Tips

One can never guess nor predict how a Bride feels during the days prior to her wedding. One can barely fathom what is going on in a going-to-be bride’s mind. However, one thought that is common amongst every going-to-be bride’s mind is that; My Wedding Day would go smoothly well […]

Hum hum Hummingbird from Google

The hummingbird humming its way to the top!

As per the general encyclopedia, hummingbird are the trochilidae family type of birds found to be as small as 7.5 cm only! The larger ones may reach the length of 13 cm though but that too is VERY small for a normal human psyche. On the other hand Google algorithm […]

Blog’s first page about Socio nuts!

These days nuts and crackers have seemed to have taken up the whole lot a different level! Watch movies about zombies like the World War Z and you’ll understand what I am actually talking about.