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Yearn NO MORE to light a Cigarette – 7 Effective Guidelines to Quit Smoking

Around 11% of our World’s population smokes regularly and every year 1000 people die due to diverse effects of smoking i.e. chronic bronchitis, Cancer, Heart diseases, Lungs failure and Stroke. There are several ways to quit smoking. Courses, Counselling & Support, Nicotine replacement therapy and Medical prescriptions are available to […]

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World Cup 2015: Pakistan vs. India – let the war begin

Pre-Match Scenarios With the vivacious ceremony at Christ Church, Australia opens up the most awaited event in world of cricket, The ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. Thousands of cricket fans gathered at the lavish green Hagley Park to witness the launch of ICC world cup. Entertaining performances with

10 FaceBook Impacts

10 Significant Impacts of Facebook on our Lifestyles

The most popular social networking website with more than 8 million and growing active users, Facebook now shares a vital part in our lives. While Scrolling down for news feed, searching for our missing high school and university friends, liking, sharing pictures, following our idols, icons and favorite celebrities, commenting […]

Others; Do they really matter?

Omg if I laugh too loud, what will they think of me? If I don’t reach on time, what will they think of me? If I go to the cafe and not buy food, they’ll think I am miser. If I don’t get a good job, they’ll think I am […]

An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Apple makes for one of the world’s healthiest foods. It’s rich in Carbohydrates and has almost no traces of fats. The carbohydrates found in apple are mainly monosaccharides and disaccharides which are very easily absorbed into our body. Hence a glass of fresh apple juice every morning will keep you […]