Mint Cooler

I am just about to share an amazing recipe of a refreshably refreshing refresher made up of the things usually found in our kitchen. All you are going to need is a nice and juicy lemon, some mint leaves and a white fizzy drink. No matter how tired you are, […]

Z1 box alongside Xperia SP

Xperia Z1 Camera Quality 4.4.2 vs 4.4.4 (Jan 2015)

Just unpacked and unboxed my Xperia Z1 and then got it rolling for the feature I spent my money for .. . You guessed it – its 20-MP CAMERA! The phone had 4.4.2 installed when I unpacked the box, and then showed me “updates are available”. Note: Images are shortened […]

Rise and Shine!

Winters are over, bed felt warm, But today was different, The Sun shone bright. Didn’t want to get up, Didn’t want to get out, I turned to the Sun and felt something. I felt like it said; “It will be alright!” I was probably just manipulating. But then I smiled […]

I dont cry - SocioFab

Life-like movie is what we live in!

I have heard people saying that as you grow up your heart become stronger. It can bear more than it could ever before but for me it’s different. As I grow, my sensitivity to touchy things is further intensifying. Taking a serial I was watching, lately, as an example; the […]

After every dark corner, there is hope and with it some light!

With all the sorrows and the dreams, When life is miserable or so it seems.. . There is only hope, And one single rope! That sounds the heart from falling apart, And keeps us alive maybe of the weird sort.. . That there will be good, Just like it should! […]