Social Networking has completely taken over Live Interaction

There was a time when people used to gather together to discuss the smallest of their problems and share the littlest of things that made them happy, when people waited for Saturdays and Sundays to come so that they could sit with their friends and family and talk their hearts […]

Honey for Eye Ailments 1

We all know the sweetness that lies in Honey and how it sweetens the bitterest of moods. Honey can also make room in the name of Dunkin Donuts’ new outlet “Honey Dew Donuts”. But while enjoying the ever-so-sweet taste of honey, I am sure nobody thought that honey could be […]

The Teen Question, ‘Why’?

Every morning provides a new day, and every new day is a new challenge for a teen in his/her life. Getting up from the bed with an angry mood (as nobody wants to get up early in the morning), then taking a bath you realizing that the breakfast you are […]

A lesson to be learned from Mr. Zuckerberg 3

Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of Facebook. He is the person responsible for turning an idea into a billion dollar company. The person had a goal and believed in it regardless of the obstacles. Once, when Yahoo wanted to buy Facebook, he was the one who denied the offer and […]

The Importance of Travelling

Curiosity is one of those quintessential aspects of man which can not ever be satisfied. It is prominently marked in history that men, in all ages, have wanted to know more and more about various things and places. In order to gain insight, they have studied numerous books and travelled […]

Guess who’s here! 1

    ****Chills**** *****Chills***** ******Chills*****   With it come those lazy mornings. With it come those long freezing cosy nights. With it comes the idea of wearing comfy hoodies. With it comes the want to have a nice & warm cup of Coffee. With it come those lively, mushy and […]