A Side Which We Leave Unseen Which Is Why Our Wounds Are Left Unhealed

Let it be glee, disappointment, satisfaction, disturbance, contentment, bad grades, heart-breaks, dismay, depression, stress, triumph, ecstasy or whatever, you bring it on to your self. Nothing and nobody can ever make you happy or sad unless you let them do so. It is YOU, the only one, who has the […]

Journalism and its two “R”s; Roles and Responsibilities

Journalism plays an important role, both in the affairs of the nation and the lives of the people. They can make or mar the fortunes of a political party or an individual politician. The power of the press is no less than that of the Parliament and the Judiciary. It […]

The Lovely Day

The Lovely Day   Yes! We are talking about the wedding day, the loveliest day of all for the duo, the couple. Everyone wants their wedding to be special and perfect in every way; the dresses, the decoration, the cake and just everything. As I mentioned earlier; “Every single detail […]

Versatile ideas for your Wedding

When we are talking about cakes, there are two things to be kept clear in mind which are just not negotiable. Let it be whatever type of cake you’re talking about and for whatever occassion it is being made for, these two things are (I repeat) “JUST NOT NEGOTIABLE”!   […]

Cake for your Big Day

When we are talking about the big day; the wedding day, nobody wants anything to go wrong. Even the little details that seem petty to us and we tend to ignore them normally, are put into check. From the wedding venue to the arrangements and from the dress to the […]

Social Networking has completely taken over Live Interaction

There was a time when people used to gather together to discuss the smallest of their problems and share the littlest of things that made them happy, when people waited for Saturdays and Sundays to come so that they could sit with their friends and family and talk their hearts […]