Tragedies of 2016 – may their Souls Rest in Peace!

No one can look back at this year without having a heavy heart. Like all other nations, we too were all enthusiastic for a happiness filled year ahead at the start of 2016, but now that we approach the end we realize how much and how big things the country has lost.

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Abdul Sattar Edhi sahib was no less than an angel in disguise for the poor and needy people of this country. He was an emblem of pure and selfless humanity that no individual could thank him enough for. What he started for this country with Edhi Foundation was a huge favor done on his part. Where the organization was working to serve the poor and provide them with food and shelter, at the same time Edhi Sahib himself was living a very simple life saying that he was content with all that he had. Edhi foundation was probably the largest organization of its kind and the most reliable one as well. Everything was going perfectly until one day Edhi sahib departed from this world and left everyone crying and in great shock. He was a big asset for the country, and his efforts can never be repaid.

Who can forget the sweet yet compelling voice of Amjad Sabri in his heart touching Naats and Nazms? No one! The whole nation had gotten used to listening to his recordings throughout Ramadan, especially the famous “karam mangta hun.” It was this guy that could easily make the next person crying with his pure and profound voice. Apart from this, he was a regular man with living a normal life with his family and relatives. Was this his fault that people loved him so much? Or was he wrong for having such a beautiful voice? No reason will ever make sense for him being shot dead in his car and that too in the precious month of Ramadan. That day our country lost yet another great legend.

We’ve all been singing along Dil Dil Pakistan, whether it is a cricket match or Independence Day or any other event to show our patriotism. All credits need to be given to that one man who sung it with such depth, Junaid Jamshed. Junaid Jamshed has had an interesting turn in life from being a famous pop singer to a religious man devoting his voice to praising only Allah and His Prophet (p.b.u.h). Either way or in both the roles, he was indeed serving the country. I don’t think it is going to be easy for us to handle this big news that such a young and enthusiastic personality is no longer with us.

These are just a few of the many famous legends that we lost in this year. As much as we realize the intensity of this loss, we also need to understand that a lot resides on our shoulders to keep alive their name, their efforts and strive to work in an equally determined manner for our country. Legends never die, and it’s the people who keep them alive.