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Did you know some fantastic chocolate milkshake spots in the Hudson Valley? Here are my top 7 picks for where to get a great chocolate milkshake in the Hudson Valley.

You’re missing out if you haven’t been to a milkshake shop yet. Whether you love the classic flavor combo of chocolate and vanilla or want something more exotic, these shops have it all.

My favorite thing about these places is that they have fantastic milkshakes but don’t skimp on the quality. So you’ll leave happy, complete, and wanting more!

Red Rooster Drive-In

A perfect milkshake made from scratch by a friendly staff is what every milkshake lover deserves. At Red Rooster, the classic milkshakes are made from scratch and served in a classic red-and-white milkshake wagon.

They have various flavors, including vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, and banana. My favorites are caramel, peanut butter, and mocha shakes.

The ice cream is hand-scooped and then whipped into a milkshake consistency. Red Rooster uses only premium ingredients, such as real vanilla beans, and fresh fruit, such as strawberries and bananas.

Red Rooster

Buns Burgers

I was first introduced to Buns Burgers by my friend, Sean. I had just moved to New Paltz and was looking for a burger joint to get into. I had no idea what I wanted. I went into Buns Burgers, and they were serving burgers topped with grilled onions and cheese, which sounded delicious. I ended up ordering a double cheeseburger and fries. I was in heaven.

I met Sean at a bar near his house a few weeks later. I asked him where he would recommend if I wanted to go back to New Paltz, and he told me Buns Burgers.

Since then, Buns Burgers has become my favorite spot for burgers. They are simple, consistent, and delicious.

burger with shake

Brandee’s Ice Cream

Did you know some fantastic chocolate milkshake spots in the Hudson Valley? Here are my top 7 picks for where to get a great chocolate milkshake in the Hudson Valley.

When Brendee’s opened, I was skeptical. I thought the only places with great shakes were the ones that opened in Manhattan. It turns out that BreBrandee’s the real deal.

I’ve been to quite a few milkshake shops in the area, but Brendee’s is still the best. It’s got a relaxed vibe, and the ice cream is excellent. And I love that they serve it in a large cup.

Ice-creamZoe’s Ice Cream Barn

Zoe’s Ice Cream Barn is a quaint little ice cream shop in Peekskill, NY. Zoe and her husband Nick started the shop, and they have a unique take on flavors. Their milkshakes are made from scratch, using the freshest ingredients.

Nick and Zoe have a knack for creating unique flavor combinations, and their milkshakes are no exception. They have a variety of milkshake options, including several vegan options.

Zoe’s is also a great place to bring a crowd. With a large outdoor seating area, they offer a fantastic setting for any occasion.

Zoe ice-creamMary Jane’s Dairy Bar

Mary Jane’s Dairy Bar is a small business with big flavors. The owners have created a menu full of exotic milkshakes that are both healthy and delicious.

Mary Jane’s Dairy Bar serves ice cream and smoothies, but their milkshakes are their specialty. They have everything from the classic vanilla and chocolate combo to the exotic flavor of berry and mango.

Their milkshakes come in cups, which are perfect for sharing. The best part? They’re only $5 for a mug.

Mary jane MilkshakeHoly Cow Ice Cream

Holy Cow Ice Cream has served delicious ice cream in the greater New York City area for over ten years. Their goal is simple: to make the best ice cream in the world.

While the company doesn’t focus on one style, its ice cream is always delicious and unique. They use only the finest ingredients and are committed to using natural and organic ingredients whenever possible.

In addition, they have over 100 flavors that include everything from chocolate to peanut butter to coconut to strawberry to raspberry. They also make custom flavors for special events.

Holy Cows MilkshakeStewart’s Shops

Stewart’s Shops is a local business in Westchester County, New York, specializing in homemade ice cream and frozen desserts. They have locations all over the Hudson Valley.

In addition to their ice cream flavors, they offer shakes made with natural dairy-based ingredients.

Stewart’s Shops is the perfect place to go to get a milkshake. Their homemade ice cream is the best, and their shakes are creamy, delicious, and refreshing.

I recommend their classic vanilla and chocolate milkshakes. Their vanilla shake is rich and creamy, while their chocolate shake is smooth and full of chocolate chunks.

Stewart's Shake

Our Suggestion

Milkshakes are a great snack option. They are simple food that people love to eat. And chocolate milkshakes are no exception. You can make a delicious chocolate milkshake that your family and friends will love with the right milkshake recipe.

There’s something about the milkshake that screams chocolate. Whether it’s ice cream, pudding, or froyo – a milkshake is one of the easiest desserts to whip up. There are many different milkshake recipes out there, and we’ve picked seven local spots that are sure to provide decadent treats to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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