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So this day I was asking myself a weird question: What would happen if some fish are found under my house and the flooring disappears from under my feet?!?


Weird Fish from SocioFab

There were lots of images flashing in front of me with the Piranha movie’s scenes with the most occurrences. Searched a lot on the internet and found some eye popping images. A fish is a mammal with no gills for breathing above water. Please don’t confuse mermaids with fish by the way as they are actually and practically just an imagination that stays alive in the movies only.

A house on a Fish Fin

Let us not get into the mermaid thingy and focus on the picture posted above. It is basically just a photogenic genius created by us but the real deal lies in the concept. A house on the top of the very FIN of the fish and that too, a large house indeed! The smaller fish are deemed cute because they just wander away even when a hand gets close to Their Aquarium. But this fellow up there is a different kind. Don’t get too familiar or you may also fall into the imagination world I have and tonight might get your fiercest night in terms of a nightmare!

To keep things friendly, have a look at some mermaids for a change and sleep well!

SocioFab Mermaid



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