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After Coke Studio’s tribute to Amjad Sabri’s last song, Ali Pervaiz is presenting a surprise for all the Sabri lovers out there. Amjad Sabri’s last song is to be released on 20th October 2016, but wait this is not the only surprise. The video features Yousuf Bashir Qureshi who collaborated in the song to be released, “Di hi Dil Mein.” Listen to the Song on SoundCloud



After the tragic death of Sabri Sahab on June 22nd, thousands of people mourned this incident and expressed their sorrows in forms of art and tributes to Sabri Sahab’s artistical vocals. The collaboration of these two singers (Ali Pervez and Sabri Saheb) will leave you in awe and make you wish for his sweet return.



The director of this video is Jalal, the costume designer of the movie “The Matrix,” isn’t that cool? Well if you think that what else one can expect from the Pakistan’s artists, then you and I are still yet to be astounded by their honorable tributes and the creativity behind the release of this video.



This is going to be one super emotional rollercoaster that everyone is invited to, taking a trip down nostalgia and teardrops at every sound wave will leave fans across Pakistan and elsewhere drenched in tears!! !

Guest Author – Ayesha Ahsan



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