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apple caramel sandwichApple makes for one of the world’s healthiest foods. It’s rich in Carbohydrates and has almost no traces of fats. The carbohydrates found in apple are mainly monosaccharides and disaccharides which are very easily absorbed into our body. Hence a glass of fresh apple juice every morning will keep you energized through the day while keeping you skinny.


The soluble fibre, Pectin, found in apple binds with the intestinal fats and reduces the cholesterol level of our body, which in turn promises a healthier heart and therefore reduces the chances of heart stroke.


It prevents you from all types of cancers including liver and breast cancer. Apples also help reduce the risk of diabetes. According to a recently carried out experiment; women who ate apples everyday were 28% less prone to type-2 diabetes, which must I mention cannot be cured. All thanks to the soluble fibre found in apples, it keeps the blood sugar level of our body in control.


Want to gain all these benefits but do not like apple?

No problem at all. I simply suggest you to try the recipes below, they literally yum the apples up for you to enjoy.

apple sandwich 

Apple Sandwich



Apple (seeded and sliced)                             1

Peanut Butter Spread or Nutella       1 tablespoon
Nuts (crushed)                                        as required
Chocolate chips (optional)                    as required



To make this recipe you will need a seeded apple, sliced horizontally. Apply a tablespoon full of your favourite peanut butter spread, hazelnut spread or nutella, whatever you like more on a slice. Sprinkle crushed nuts and dry fruits of your choice. I personally love raisins and dried blue berries with some walnuts and hazelnuts. Cover it with another slice and VOILA!

Savour it with Mint Cooler.


Apple Shake



Apple (diced)                                                     1

Milk                                                                1 cup

Sugar                                                         1 tablespoon

Ice (optional)                                                ½ cup



As unheard as this beverage may sound; it is not just very yummy but it’s also super nutritious. All you have to do is dice and seed an apple and put it in a blender with a cup of milk, ice and a tablespoon of sugar. BLEND BLEND BLEND!



These apple recipes are a must try in your breakfast and I am sure you will love them. Also, you can be innovative with any other fruit as well.



  • Orby Cooper


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