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Are Endurance Sports Only For The Rich?

By April 8th, 2021No Comments

When you think of endurance sports, high-intensity sports like cycling, skiing, and long-course swimming come to mind. These activities test your stamina, speed, agility, and energy. Your performance is rigorously tested through these intense sports activities, which is what makes them so enjoyable and exciting.

But are endurance sports only for the rich?

Practicing endurance sports requires two things: a lot of free time, and a lot of money. You need a lot of time because before you can take on an endurance sport as a hobby, you need to spend time training and purchasing gear, as well as traveling if the endurance sport involves a change of scenery from the urban concrete jungles we live in.

Endurance sports also require a ton of money. Sports gear is not cheap! You cannot purchase skis, hiking gear, or cycling equipment if you are not financially well-set. According to a recent study, endurance sports gear can easily cost up to $1600. That is a lot!

It is safe to say that, in conclusion, endurance sports are definitely only for the rich. Being rich provides you with certain perks, and the ability to take your time out and spend it participating in endurance sports is undoubtedly one of them. Not all lower-class and middle-class sports enthusiasts can afford to partake in these extreme sports. Only upper-class sportsmen have the freedom to participate in such activities and games. Time and money are the keys to playing endurance sports! Some activities such as Swimming and Skating, Sea Gliding and the likes, are more affordable nature ones though… Maybe go take a hot shower instead since it has its own set of advantages!



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