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Most of us take a shower once or twice a day, so what’s the big deal? The big deal is in knowing the benefits of that mere shower. Some of us like it hot, some of us like it cold and others like it not-too-hot, not-too-cold, just warm.


  1. Your Skin Glows


Taking a shower has a lot of benefits, one of which is that it keeps your skin rejuvenated and your blood flowing. The area underneath your skin has many blood capillaries inside. When warm water hits the skin, your body sends signals to your brain, and the blood gets flowing. This leaves your skin naturally glowing and fresh. No facials or extra products needed!


  1. De-stress Yourself


Have you ever noticed that right after you get out of your shower, you instantly feel fresh and so much better?

Showers do that! They make you feel instantly fresh and active. It is as if the water has this energy stored in it, that it transferred to your mind and body.


You go into the shower like this:



You come out of the shower like this:



  1. De-tense Your Muscles


When we wake up, one of the reasons of feeling lazy is because our muscles tense and tighten. It usually happens when you sleep after having a very tiring day or when you sleep late. The best time to get your sleep is between 9pm to 2am. That is the time when your body heals from all that it has borne through the day. Thus, when you sleep after 2am, the natural healing process of the body doesn’t work very well. Taking a warm/hot shower does not just make you feel fresh but it also helps to de-tense your muscles.



  1. Regain Your Focus


While studying, most of us tend to lose focus with time as our brain starts to get tired of all the memorising, brainstorming and understanding; esp. during exams as we are more stressed. Washing your face helps temporarily which I usually do.


You still have a question to solve? Get up, wash your face, feel fresh and solve it! However, that only helps temporarily and won’t last long. So then what will help?


Showers are your new secret to regain your focus!

They will instantly make you feel fresh and active. And as you feel better, your brain will respond better to all the memorizing, brainstorming, understanding and feel less stressed over exams.


  1. Retain Your Sleep


It relieves you from anxiety and stress, thus leaving your brain in a better position to do what it is meant to do. One of our brain’s tasks is to help us sleep on time, but the kind of lifestyles we lead today are hectic, thus leaving our brain perplexed. Taking a shower leaves us relaxed and helps our brain in maintaining our sleep cycle.



  1. Smell Good


Last but definitely not the least; it clearly leaves you smelling fresh and better. Must I mention, showering helps release bad smell with or without shower gel. Shower gels do help but you can also get the job done with plain water. Simply take a shower for 5-10 minutes and get going for work, school or office.


To conclude showers benefit us immensely, be it hot, cold or warm. So now, when you take a shower, think of the great benefits it has in store for you and enjoy your shower even more.

Orby Khalid

Orby Khalid

Orby is a passionate writer and enthusiast of all things related to sneakers, wellness, and self-care. With a keen eye for detail and a love for sharing knowledge, she brings her expertise to, where she writes about the latest trends and tips in the world of sneakers, edibles for good health, and healthy living. When she's not scouring the latest sneaker drops or experimenting with new recipes, Orby can be found sharing her favorite healthy tips and tricks for achieving radiant skin and luscious locks. Her writing is infused with her infectious enthusiasm and dedication to helping others live their best lives. As a contributor to, Orby is committed to educate, entertain, and inspire, and she is always looking for new ways to push the boundaries of what's possible in the world of digital content.

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