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 bump sheep review

Bored much?


This game shall be your saviour!


Bump sheep is FUN to play and it is easy. It is like a head-on war between the black flock of sheep and the white flock of sheep. They are on a mission to eat the best grass on the Plains. There are five different types of sheep. If you choose to send a bigger sheep than the one coming from the opponent’s side, it will drag it away making way for your victory. So, THE BIGGER, THE BETTER!

largest bump sheep

The game may be played in three different modes;

1)      The Strategy mode.

2)      The Dual mode.

3)      The Crazy mode.


The first two modes, Strategy and Dual mode may be played with friends, the Strategy mode is the only one you can play with the comp, but the Dual mode “player vs comp” has to be unlocked. Yes! You heard that right; you can play this game with your friend or your sibling too and you are sure going to enjoy it. In my case I play with my brother who somehow wins most of the time since he discovered the game before me and has better strategies.


As long as I know, it may be downloaded on almost all Android phones, tablets and devices except for the ones with Android software 2.2 and 2.3. As for me, I have it installed in both, my phone and my tablet (yes I am addicted to it).


The good things:

1)      It is easy and FUN to play.

2)      You can enjoy it with a friend too.

3)      The graphics are impressive.


The bad things:

1)      It does not support Android software version 2.2 and 2.3.

2)      Only the Strategy mode can be played with the comp. The other modes have to be unlocked first (probably not so bad for others, but bad for me).


Install Bump Sheep on your phone and shoo away boredom.


–          Orby Cooper.



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