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How to get SSL for Free!?!

YES! SSL is also becoming hugely popular and widely expensive in most of the parts in the world. But until Freemium stuff keeps circulating around the globe, Spiderman will still be loved by fans. Not related, pun intended! Follow the steps below for applying an SSL certifcate on your WordPress site for absolutely free and no strings attached 😉

  1. Visit and create a free account (It actually uses the Let’s Encrypt service api)
  2. Input site address and hit enter
  3. Click on Manual Verification (Not DNS)
  4. Browse down and click on ‘Manually Verify’ button
  5. Download both the files, file 1 and file 2
  6. Access your FTP Cpanel and login over there going to the main area
  7. Search and access the ‘File Manager’ and go to “public_html”
  8. Create a folder there (if not created already) named as “.well-known”. Create another folder inside it, named as “acme-challenge”
  9. Paste both the downloaded files (file 1 and file 2 from step 5 above) in this “acme challenge” folder
  10. Verify the links by clicking on the TWO green links given on the same page from where we downloaded the files (It will be step 5 over there). Click on “Download SSL Certificate”
  11. Go back to CPanel main area and search for SSL; click on it. Go to MANAGE SSL area
  12. Select your Domain, and input all the fields, copy-pasting texts from the sslforfree website as it is – and click on ‘install’. Logout of CPanel. Our work there is done!
  13. Go to WordPress website Admin panel and login. Install a new plugin over there for SSL redirection. I personally use ‘Really Simple SSL’
  14. When turned on, the site will aautomatically redirect to HTTPS:// and if not, continue on the next steps
  15. Go to SETTINGS on your Admin panel for WordPress site. Click on ‘General’. Change the WP Address and Site Address to HTTPS:// here, then save the settings
  16. Voila! All Done !!!

Note: Leave a comment below if you have any problem. Also, after SLL expiry, Renewal method is also the same, just replace both the files using file manager, and copy-paste the new codes for installation. Similar services can be availed via CAcert Free Certificate Authority, Comodo, Cloud Flare, SSL(dot)com, StartCom, Let’s Encrypt, WoSign, etc.

Disclaimer - I do not own sslforfree website and do not take any responsibility whatsoever if you block your website or end up with any other issues while not following the steps correctly.


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