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March 1st, 2015 marks the day for unveiling the most advanced Smartphones. At their command center in UK, Samsung introduces Galaxy S6 while HTC launch One M9. Here we are, making a lenient comparison of specs to review and compare both the champs in consumer point of view type-a-thing!

SocioFab - S6 Edge-Gold is Bold

Design and Build:

Subsequent in appearance to its predecessor, HTC One M9 has a new scratch-resistant finish with device induced buttons. Sapphire glass Lens stern on camera has provided a firm coat. The innovative two-tone design with back and sides receiving contrasting adulation the power button employed on to a side has given a sleek and stylish look to the device.

SocioFab - Galaxy S6 getting EdgyGalaxy S6 Edge-eeee has shown much exodus from regular norms of Samsung. While embarking with their quality concerns over plastic fabrications, the device bears much more similarity to iPhone 6. The novelty is made by Gorilla Glass4 mirror-finish metallic back unlike Galaxy S5’s indented plastic rear cover. With this innovation, display has taken to a way “beyond beauty”. However, this unified design with a metallic frame is similar to HTC. Exception is made in HTC with a microSD slot; the long term expectations from Samsung will be upset with no longer removable battery or microSD support.

Samsung S6 is much thinner and lighter than HTC One M9 with 138gms in countenance with 157gms of One M9 (need to note here that the battery size has a lot to do with that).

SocioFab - HTC One M9 Shining HighBoth come with Android 5.0 Lollipop software. Both toned up with TouchWiz interface and Sense7.0 version while Samsung was under heavy criticism due to a toned down prior version and now upgraded with preinstalled office apps.


There is no dimensional increase in display, just a slighter 5.1inches panel of Samsung against HTC offering a 5inches. HTC is wedged with its full HD Super LCD3 screen while Samsung has switched to a Quad-HD version screen with higher resolution and much brighter than what the S5 showed off. Consequently, Samsung boasts a super high pixel stunning it up to 577ppi while HTC possesses a comfortable zone pixel density of 441ppi.

SocioFab - Galaxy S6 Edge Displays its DISPLAY from angles

Processor and Memory:

HTC One M9 has a built in Qualcomm’s Snapdragon810, 64-bit Octa-core processor, with quadrant core regulated at 2GHz and 1.5 GHz. Samsung on the other hand is updated with its own Exynos processer with 64bit Octa-core chip, quadrant cores clocked at 2.5GHz and other at 2.1GHz. RAM is similar in both devices with the generous 3GB configuration.

Storage Freedom (a worthy point):

Both devices are launched with 32GB storage. While Samsung S6 put stray its microSD support, HTC One M9 has upgraded its microSD to 128GB, providing more space and storage potential than Galaxy S6.

SocioFab - Unibody One M9 being All Metal

Cameras and Additional Firepower:

It is difficult to review camera working and performance on sole basis of specs. Though, HTC has upgraded its 4MP Ultra Pixels to the front and stray its back dual camera setup with 20MP camera. Samsung S6 is provided with 16MP camera with F1.9 wide-angle Lens. IR sensors that automatically adjust resolutions whit balance, always in stand by position take only 0.7 seconds to start shooting. Front camera is a 5MP with real-time HDR. 4K Video recording is similarly supported in both devices.

Additional to Bluetooth and NFC, Galaxy offers dual-band 802, Wi-Fi (both direct and hotspot), fingerprint scanner and heart-rate monitor, A-GPS and IR blaster. Furthermore, it is innovated with Samsung pay services. HTC One M9 features more often same additional hardware as Samsung S6 except, there is no scanner, heart-rate monitor and mobile payment support. Battery is neither removable in both, however, HTC’s far better with higher capacity of 2840MaH beside 2550MaH of Samsung.

Release Date and Pricing:

Both launching events held simultaneously on same date however, HTC will be first to go on retail in tech-markets on March 31st, whilst Galaxy S6 edge will set to be retailed from April 10th. For its 32 GB model, Samsung is working on the Official pricing while taking prior orders which is supposed to be £580 in UK and surprisingly, HTC has opt for same pricing for its official SIM-free One M9 with tariff prices both are expected to be identical. Which one would you get now? The answers are seeming a bit EDGY!



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