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There would be a million times in life when you would have to choose from amongst two situations and we tend to choose the easy way out. You would get confused regarding what is the right thing to do. The easy way out is not always the righteous one, in fact it is usually the wrong one. For example; - True n Falsehood

1)      It is easy to judge people but it is difficult to put “yourself” in their shoe and walk through their path.

A girl was walking on a street. Three other girls were walking across the same street passing comments and laughing on her hair. She had really short, boy-cut hair. Too bad the three girls did not know that the short-haired girl just recovered from cancer a few months ago and chose to be judgemental about the girl’s hair.


2)      It is easy to drink along with your friends but difficult to say no and also encourage them not to.

Say if you’re at a party. Everyone is drinking there so you get one for yourself too. One of your friends tells you not to drink and the other one; who has actually never had it before, accompanies you. Don’t get annoyed on the one who’s stopping you.


The friend who discourages you when you are doing something bad and tells you not to do it, is most likely your true friend compared to the one who accompanies you just to play cool and be a part of the crowd. The one who’s drinking with you just to play cool might eventually ditch for someone who seems to be cooler than you.


3)      In the same way, it is easy to smoke when all your friends smoke but difficult to say no to smoking while staying with them.

4)      It is easy to make someone cry but difficult to wipe their tears.

5)      It is easy to make a mistake but it is difficult to accept it.

If you made a mistake, it is okay. It is actually very human of you to make a mistake, accepting the mistake is what makes you a greater person and blaming others for it is what makes you an inferior person.


6)      It is easy to give in but it is very difficult to remain strong.

7)      It is easy to hurt someone but difficult to help the one who is hurt and help them recover from it.

You would come across a point in life where you would have to choose whether to lie or tell the truth and you know that if you’d tell the truth, the second person would get hurt. In such situations, the right thing to do is tell them the truth and be with them during their bad time. Help them recover from it as much as you possibly can.


8)      It is easier to take revenge from those who hurt you but it is difficult to forgive.

A lot of people would hurt you, break you and try not to let you succeed. They are bad people. It is okay if you choose to take revenge from them and give them a tit for tat but that won’t be the right thing to do. The right thing to do is set yourself apart from such bad people and let go of it. Forgive and forget!


9)      It is easy to blame everything on others but difficult to accept your part of the mistake.

10)   It is easier to advise but it is difficult to implement on it yourself.

You want your city to be clean so you tell everyone to stop littering around and pick the wrappers up from the street but it is difficult to pick those wrappers up thrown by others. Instruct people to pick those wrappers up with the help of your actions, they’ll see you picking and accompany you.


11)   It is easier to lie and get rid of it but difficult to tell the truth.

12)   It is easier to ignore your elders but it is difficult to be respectful to them and obey them when they tell you not to do something.

You will come across a thousand times when your elders will tell you not to do something that is wrong and hundred times will they tell you not to do something even when it has nothing to do with the equation of wrong and right. They won’t tell you the reason behind it and act like a stubborn kid. They will tell you not go out with a friend of yours, don’t go out late at night or not go out too far just because they are telling you not to. At such times; you are not the one who is misunderstood, our elders are the ones very often underestimated. It is their experience that talks when they seem to be able to relate our time to theirs when they were our age group and our mistakes to their mistakes when they were as immature as us.

The right thing to do might sometimes also be difficult but that does not mean you are going to give up and shake hands with what is seemingly easy but actually wrong.


– Orby Cooper



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