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Scrap Metal Sculptures are a beautiful form of art that is made from a variety of metals. Though the most popular sculptures are made from materials like gold, marble, copper, aluminum, brass, iron, lead, etc., it is important to learn that metal sculptures are also quite famous in the artistic world. Some of the creative artists have crafted beautiful scrap metal pieces which are found in different parts of the world. The world finds such imaginative best statute manufacturer in a while. Let’s explore here now some of the best scrap metal sculptures and their talented artists.  

The Cat Sculpture

A marvellous and stunning scrap metal cat sculpture was crafted by the most talented Russian artist, Igor Verniy. This scrap metal sculpture he created was well-articulated, and the cat in it looked very much alive. It was basically a steampunk-inspired creation. This talented artist used to study everything about his subject which he was going to work on. He liked to capture the live movements, which is also depicted in his scrap metal cat sculpture. It is exciting to know that Verniy used to collect the metal scrap pieces from different vehicle components or tableware, or anything that he found suitable to craft the beautiful sculptures.

A Life-Size Buffalo Sculpture

The life-size Buffalo metal sculpture created by John Lopez is considered an incredible piece of art. Lopez also liked to make his creations from recycled pieces of metals, machinery, and farm tools. This talented artist lived and worked in South Dakota. Lopez is also famous because of his recreation of iconic American Western themes and images with his chosen medium. His other popular sculptures include the Texas Longhorn and the horse ploughing fields. This Life-size buffalo sculpture has managed to gain the attention of most people because of its uniqueness and proper welding. The beauty of this life-size Buffalo attracts more people to his sculptures.

Scrap Metal Women

Sculptures of women have always been famous, but the one created by the highly creative artist Karen Cusolito in 2007 is considered one of the most breathtaking sculptures. This scrap metal sculpture has a name. It is called Ecstasy. One must not miss having a look at this beautiful piece of art as its posture has the power to inspire, and it displays an emotion of passion. 

This woman is basically illuminated by a warm light. The metal sculptures woman is holding the warm light in her hands which is lightening her neck, shoulders, and head. This incredible sculpture piece was first deputed on-stage at The Crucible’s Fire Opera. Later, it gained more popularity and was displayed at Burning Man, 2007. This famous woman never stopping since then and has travelled to Maker Faire, 2008, and Nocturnal, 2009. But now, it has become a part of a private collection. Last, in 2011, Ecstasy was exhibited in Hayes Valley, San Francisco. 

Scrap Metal Hulk Sculpture

Hulk has been considered one of the most popular sculptures of this era. Every other person liked this character, so if you are also a fan of him, then you must not miss the stunning piece of art created by the amazing art studio Ban Hun Lek (aka Truepot Distribution). They managed to create the bog and giant hulk. This stupendous piece of sculpture is truly mind-blowing as it has the smooth organic texture of Hulk’s face and body! You would be amazed to know the details of this 2.3m-tall scrap metal hulk sculpture. Though this studio has many other world’s renowned art pieces, it has gained much popularity since the depiction of the metallic Hulk they have created. It has become the most famous piece of art. Want to know who was its artist? This brilliant crafter is known as Phairote. This studio has many other world-renowned pieces. Other popular and iconic characters recreated by this studio includes the Predator, the Xenomorph from the Alien franchise, and famous characters from the Star Wars franchise. 

Scrap Metal Grasshopper

What could be more attractive to depict the details of an insect beautifully? Tom Hardwidge is the created artist behind this amazing creation. He created this incredibly beautiful grasshopper sculpture from some ancient bullets and scrap metal. He worked entirely on the design and creation of this delicate art piece. The finely detailed scrap metal grasshopper is completely designed and created by Tom. This grasshopper depiction clearly manifests the skills of his artist. It is now present in the studio of Arthrobots, which is a great place to visit. It is a true testament to the artiste’s skill at their craft. Arthrobots is a great place to visit as it has some amazing pieces of artwork. 

Scrap Metal Transformers and Robots

These amazing Scrap metal transformers and robots are found at the Scrap Metal Art Thailand. It truly looks much appealing, in fact, a match made in heaven. This famous studio in Thailand is already quite popular and specializes in such sculptures. It is exciting to know that they work with the old pieces of machinery and equipment. They turn the scrap into something truly remarkable. The Thai studio also has some other popular sculptures, including the Predator, the Terminator. Other popular cultural icons include the Xenomorph and other generic massive robots.

Scrap Metal Horse Sculpture

The story behind the beautiful scrap metal horse sculpture is the talent and skills of the Turkish artist makes Cem Özkan/Ali Atmaca. He is already popular for the creation of some beautiful art pieces. Cem Özkan (Gem-Oz-Can), based in Ankara, crafted this stunning horse from nothing more than scrap metal, and of course, with the right assistance of the artist’s bare hands as well as the mandatory equipment. This scrap metal sculpture is nothing but a true beauty one has seen. Just like Igor, his work was also steampunk-inspired. His other creations include an astronaut and a sailing ship. He created this beautiful piece of scrap metal sculpture when he was just in the third year of his university.



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