Female Infanticides – A Threat to Humanity

Mother and newborn

A small little baby girl, snuggles in your arms. You caress her cheeks, so soft, so delicate; they turn red at your lightest touch. You take her small little adorable hands in yours. They seem so fragile that you’re afraid of even taking hold of it. But when you do so, the warmth of her hands pierce right through your heart and make you want to carry her in your arms forever. She suddenly closes her hand and your thumb remains inside. And there you stand, flabbergasted! The grip is too strong for such tiny hands. It’s actually the grip of her love, so strong it would keep you attached to her for the rest of your life. So adorable a baby sleeps in your arms, carelessly, that you cuddle her.

 newborn holding finger

If you’ve ever held a new-born baby in your arms, you would know the feeling. IT IS BEAUTIFUL. But back in 200BC, in Greece, men used to kill the unwanted, handicap and/or female babies. When the midwife came out, the first question she would have to answer wasn’t if the baby is healthy or not, she would have to answer, “Is it a boy or a girl?”, if it was a baby girl, she was handed to the men of the village, who had several ways to kill her. As inhumane as it may sound, it is true. Unfortunately this cruel fact still remains around us. In some villages of China, Pakistan and India, the numerous female infanticides evidenced over there are proves of it. In fact it is not just happening in the villages, it is happening in urbanised areas of the aforementioned countries as well. Even the well-educated, elite class are part of this cruel fact.


The reasons are many but none big enough to justify infanticides. At the time of Mughal Empire, the emperors would want a boy so that their family remains “in command”. Not just back then but even to date when we call ourselves so-called civilised. People would wish for a baby boy so that their family’s traditions and cultures would be carried on to the next generation.


To many, daughters are a burden. It takes a huge sum of money to bring them up, arrange a dowry and get them married. Educating them is an entirely different, expensive story, compared to the boys who bring home money and provide a helping hand in the earning.


Poverty is one of the major reasons. There was a news report on the life of a fisherman who lived near the coast of Karachi. The man stated that his family’s basic needs depend on his everyday earning. They wait for him to come home and bring food to eat. He earns no more than 600PKR ($5 65cents) everyday during the off-breeding season. During the on-breeding season, they are not allowed to fish and his family starves. Wouldn’t a boy who can help him with his earning, be a blessing in disguise for the fisherman? But you know what? He had two daughters and a son younger than the two Cinderellas and when he was asked, if he loved her daughters more or her son, he broke into tears saying; “they are all equally important to me, whatever I do, I do it for them”.


In rural areas of China, boys are considered as pension for the parent’s old age, providing them with food and shelter which is why the parents want their first child to be a boy so that he can be their support system when they grow old.


According to a report, China is going through a major Gender Imbalance. It claimed that in future 110 million Chinese males will not be able to find a wife. Since the report was submitted during 2009, it has already started to show its colours.


As for the so-called educated, elite class; they don’t even have a reason to justify it. They probably do so to keep their traditions and their ego running.


The question is why?

Why is all of this happening?

Why do they have to put the universe’s balance in jeopardy?


Females are equally talented. In fact there have been cases evidenced where females have proven themselves much more talented than the males; let it be the department of studies, work, sports, intelligence or whatsoever. They are more devoted towards whatever they do.


In fact some facts that were universally accepted before; like females cannot compare to males in the department of strength is now in question. In Olympics, a woman beat all other women and men in weight-lifting. In the same way, the fact that males cannot compare to females in the household department is put in question i.e. previously, no men could compare to women when it came to being efficient housewives, great cooks, and mothers. But now men have proven to be better chefs, they take care of the children while the mother goes to buy grocery or at work.


One must realise that God has blessed each and every person with a unique talent; something that they do better than everyone else. He has blessed them with it regardless of their gender. How would you know how talented or appreciable a person the baby grows into if you kill her while she’s an infant? You would never know if your baby is going to become the next Demi Moore (a famous Hollywood celebrity who was born poor), J.K. Rowling (born to a middle-class family is now a world famous author) or Shania Twain (grew up in poverty and is now a famous celebrity).


No matter how big a reason you have, you can never justify female infanticides.

Never ever!

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