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It’s time to flash up your attire with some flashy and catchy jewels. When you don’t know what to do with your look for the prom night, for the wedding, a party or a good-to-go function these suggestions might just make your day.


Below are some jewellery suggestions that would go great with a dress of any colour, literally ANY COLOUR.


The Chosen Silvers:


Silver Necklace

A nice and simple necklace is always good to make your beauty bones (aka clavicle or collar bones) prominent. Some people don’t have beauty bones that show, they obviously have their clavicle in place but it does not really show. However, the necklace is one that is good for both; those who have an already prominent beauty bone and those who don’t.

diamond bracelet

This diamond bracelet has diamonds elegantly studded to it. It is the kind that made me want to get into the screen and grab this beautiful bracelet. It’s more like a bangle, moulded into its perfect shape and would look very elegant on your wrist.


sterling silver ring

This ring looks as cute on your hand as it looks here. The best part is that it may be worn on any of your fingers depending on whether it fits or not and can be worn casually too. And oh! You may insert it into a silver chain, like a pendant, and enjoy wearing a self-made necklace.


silver earrings

Coming to the earrings, which I wear first but I am mentioning at last; they are so flashy, you can even omit wearing the necklace and still manage to shine. You may wear a simple dress and fancy it up with this flashy pair of earrings. Crown hairdos would make it look even better.


I chose silver jewellery picks because it is a neutral and goes great with dresses of all sorts and colours. However these are just some jewellery suggestions, so that while you explore the malls in order to buy the jewellery for an upcoming occasion, you would already have some ideas in your mind. Finding an exact same diamond bracelet, for instance, would be difficult, so this is just for you to have an idea.






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