Honey for Eye Ailments

We all know the sweetness that lies in Honey and how it sweetens the bitterest of moods. Honey can also make room in the name of Dunkin Donuts’ new outlet “Honey Dew Donuts”. But while enjoying the ever-so-sweet taste of honey, I am sure nobody thought that honey could be such an amazing alternative medicine for eye infections. In fact when my father enlightened me with how honey is beneficial for the eye, I was like “will it not make the upper-lid stick to the lower lid?”


But believe it or not, honey has innumerable benefits; among which mitigating eye ailments to the fullest is also one. And when I say eye ailments, I mean most of them, like; dry eyes, red eye, itchy eye and in fact even the severe ones like corneal and cataracts. People, however, start to creep out when told to put honey in their eyes, in order to solve their eye problems. They go like “would it not have any side-effects? Will it not make the problem worse?” I want to know whether if they ask the same question to the doctor, whether if the medicine or drops prescribed by the doctor will have any side effects or not? Perhaps not! But let me assure you that it has no side effects other than feeling irritating in the eye it is being put into.


It was only in the 80’s that people preferred natural remedies over pharmacuetical medicines for the side effects brought along with the pharma medicines. Unlike us, they were okay with the slow response of the treatment but not okay with the side-effects it brough alongside. They only opted for medicines when no other options were left. However now it is the other way round, the exact opposite of what our forefathers did.


Nevertheless, people now are becoming more and more aware of how honey can be used as an alternative medicine for eye as well as other problems.


All you have to do is mix equal parts of honey and distilled water. Store it in a dropper and put the drops in your eye


– Orby Cooper

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