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Owing to our routinely lifestyle, we tend to get tired. This stands true especially for individuals with hectic jobs. You reach office with soaring energy levels and leave with a humpback.

Staying Office Productive -

Stress is caused by emotional afflictions, health issues, conflicts at your job or in your life or simply due to continuous hours of work. When our body is at stress, be it mental or physical, we feel fatigued. This feeling of tiredness or fatigue is a sign that our body needs a break. There is nothing wrong with that, in fact getting tired after a hectic day is quite normal as we are humans and not robots.

Now the question is, can we combat this feeling of tiredness?

Yes, we can and here’s how we can do it!

1. Breathe In, Breathe Out! Blue and Green.. .

Breathing is a natural phenomenon that takes place involuntarily. However, during stress our mind is so engrossed that the breathing process curtails. Ever wondered why you feel tired at the end of the day although all you have done is sit on the bed and contemplate on life? This is because when your mind is too engrossed in thoughts, the breathing process slows down, which causes lack of oxygen in the body, resulting in the build-up of lactic acid, which in turn causes muscle fatigue.

All you got to do is BREATHE IN from the nose and BREATHE OUT from the mouth. It will be more effective if you do it outside where the Blue Sky is above you and the Greens surround you.

2. Exercise!

We all know how exercising helps with almost everything but when we are talking about exercise that helps you destress, we do not mean the heavy exercise that requires you to put on your gear. Just get up from your seat and do some simple exercises like stretching, walking or jogging. If your boss is around and you cannot leave the seat than those chair exercises are just for you.

FUN FACT: Your boss will think you have been working really hard!

3. Take frequent breaks

Consistently working stresses the mind and body out. According to a study carried out at University of Gothenburg, Sweden; spending too much time with the computers and smartphones causes stress, lack of sleep and depression amongst women. Take frequent short breaks after an hour or two of work.

4. Turn those screens off and head out!

During your breaks, turn your monitor and cell phone screens off and head outdoors. According to a recent study, going outdoor helps 80% better in coping with stress compared to remaining indoors. Head out and let nature do its job.

5. EAT and SLEEP on time!

You do so many things with that body of yours; walk, talk, think, dance, work and whatnot. The least you can do to reward your body is by eating and sleeping on time. Keep it healthy by never skipping your breakfast, not eating after 8 pm and sleeping before 10 pm.

Stay productive but don’t stress!



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