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Will this little fella steal the deal?


The stunner was the news with regards to HTC One right now (my favourite design to date) in its questionably VERY HIGH performance in Geek-type benchmarks! These applications are designed to gauge the level of a device that has these four mediums backing it up for performing in the real world. The four namely: SoC (board), GPU (graphic card), CPU (processors), and RAM (multi-tasking backup chips). Recently, the highly esteemed HTC One (M8), Samsung Galaxy S5, and Sony Xperia Z2 made their debuts in the world shows all around the media with some making fan-boys and the others shocking the competition. To summarise it all up these phones back up the backbones with classy displays, awesome camera setups, and pretty eye-catching sensors on board to get the IDIOM right; There’s more to me than meets the naked eye! The best points at Xperia Z2’s side will first have to be mentioned for a better comparison.. .

– 5.2″ IPS screen with X-Reality and Triluminous Display

– 3200 mAh Battery (untested as of now)

– Delicious Purple version sleeked with chrome hardware buttons

– 20.7 MP main camera and 2.2 MP front cam for selfies

– 2.3 GHz quad-core Krait 400 on Snapdragon 801 with a gigantic 3 GB ram ticking in the now well known android Kit Kat 4.4.2 alongside Adreno 330 GPU (the best in class right now)

– Front facing stereo speakers with many home-backed Audio tweaking functionalities

– 146.8 mm in length, 73.3 mm in width, and 8.2 mm slim weighing in at 163 g (pretty cool but nevertheless mediocre VS Xperia Z Ultra)

– Waterproof certification of IP-58 alongside awesome dust resistance!

Now comes the One (M8)’s turn to steal or feel the show (that is off course for you to decide).. .

– 5.0″ IPS Super LCD3 with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 for robust scratch and shock resistance!

– 2600 mAh Battery (71 hour rating with normal use) pretty awesome for its SoC class and larger screen than the predecessor LOL

– Professional and drool-prone Gunmetal Gray version that will sleekly turn heads whenever we receive a call!

– Dual 4 MP main camera and a 5 MP front facer for BRILLIANT selfies

– 2.3 GHz quad-core Krait 400 on Snapdragon 801 with 2 GB ram ticking in the same android Kit Kat 4.4.2 alongside Adreno 330 GPU (the best as of now per the international market)

– Front facing stereo speakers with no Boom-Sound technology but bound to blow your hearing senses!

– 146.4 mm in length, 70.6 mm in width, and 9.4 mm slim weighing in at 160 g (pretty much a heavy and large phone for its battery)

– Robust design in its class and the best international phone with a steel body that actually IS ABLE to steal the show!


Let us now move forward and talk about the designing marvel itself and cut the chase short! The ergonomics of both the beasts show off promising futures which is yet to be discovered by the sales numbers. There was a time when nobody except HTC went for the robotic Android and stole a lot of people’s hearts with incremental sales quartet after quarter (I remember my peers buying a touch screen phone and boasting it against my Sony Ericsson W960 which was a touch and type too but not fully touch). But time has changed quite a lot since then and people are only driven by sheer internals and externals amalgamated. It has now come to the point where only brands and functionality comes to the top! Samsung galaxy series is the best example since three years. Coming back to the two contenders, the HTC went for an all body (90%) steel uni-body and a crisp display to top it with booming front speakers and a 5mp camera to be exact! While the Sony peeps went for their all-glass curvature again just cutting some more edges from their previous flagships making it all the more tasty with IP58 environment proof rating while maintaining some speakers placed towards its front side! The design matters here though and those of you looking for a heavy feel and strong sense of craftsmanship can feel free to hold a One M8 and be blessed with one solid phone; with a solid metallic shine! The Z2 is not metal. It ain’t even close to brushed metal and solid touch! But it has a trendsetting blend of its very own! The front and back glass was already very popular but they have also threw the sides with the same material to make it more demanding! Suppose we were able to buy a Ferrari with an engine from a Lamborghini. That is our exquisite Z2 and its unique designing.



It all comes down to the fact, that you like to be seen with an all glass beauty or an all-metal soldier! They both are actually BUILT FOR THE KILL 🙂

E N J O Y !



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