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Okay! So I am having a Pizza right now, which might sound cool to a lot of you people out there but there goes a weird fact which cannot be denied no matter what. The fact being; Humans are never really happy with what they already have. They always want more. They always want better, even if they have the best of things in front of them, it is never really sufficient. The world would end but our wants would never really end.


As I mentioned earlier, I am having a Pizza at the moment but you know what I want? I want some good fried Chicken Leg Piece. Why a leg-piece and not some other part or piece of the chicken? Well, I love leg-piece, the reason being; its meat is more tasteful compared to the meat of any other part of the whole-chicken. It is juicy too, unlike some other parts of the whole-chicken which happen to be dry, which might be good for people on a diet because it is said to have no or less fat.


However, getting back to what I want rather than enjoying what I already have. Yes, I could have enjoyed having my Pizza like a good girl but no, I want something else now. Right now what’s running wild in my mind is; what’s easier?

  1. Cooking a Leg-Piece? Or,
  2. Eating a Leg-Piece?

chicken legs


Crazy right? I know. Why can’t we ever be satisfied? Why are we so ungrateful of what we have? Why does this want of more happen to exist within us?


I say that is because we are mere humans but psychology has something else to say. It states that this does not happen with all humans, it just happens with a few; the perfectionists (moment of pride? Not for long. Read ahead!). They want to achieve perfectionism in everything. They just can’t tolerate flaws. If something is not perfect, they want to get rid of it which is why they might be victims of impatience, depression, eating disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, divorce and in the end might end up committing suicide. They don’t wait for things to get right; they just want everything to be perfect and that too in a split of a second, if that doesn’t happen then it is just not worth it. They get rid of it. If their marriage, for instance, is not perfect, they would want to finish it once and for all.


[This psyche gives me the creeps and makes me want to finish my pizza happily like a good girl and ASAP. After all I don’t want to end up finishing my life.]


We must realise that everything and everyone has flaws and we should learn to accept it. Nothing and nobody in this world is perfect. “Perfect” is probably just a word in the dictionary which does not exist in real life. The sooner we accept the fact, the easier our lives would be.



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