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Rigging hardware is essential in every industry and every sector. This hardware is used to lift and maneuver heavy equipment. These rigging devices ensure the safe movement of equipment from one place to another. There are different types of this equipment accessible and are categorized according to the structure and operation it is used for, such as excavating, mining, or logging. Here are described some of the major types of rigging hardware for your better understanding of the article.

  1. Rigging Hooks: The rigging hooks are a kind of rigging hardware used to lift heavy objects with the least chances of any slippage because of their quality construction with steel.
  2. Pulley and Blocks: They are a kind of rigging hardware that is used to move and lift heavy objects with less exertion and a reduced amount of force.
  3. Shackles: Shackles are the rigging hardware that is used as connection tools. 
  4. Eye Bolts: The eye bolts are the rigging tools that generally function as anchor points and are used to loop wires and ropes.
  5. Steel Nuts: Steel nuts are a kind of rigging hardware used along with the eye bolts and are used for various lifting applications.
  6. Synthetic Lifting Slings: The synthetic lifting slings are made of artificial materials and are mostly employed with wire ropes for the transport of heavy equipment.
  7. Wire Ropes and Accessories: Though wire ropes and accessories are also made of the same material, they are often galvanized and coated as well that saves them from all the external factors.

Imported and Local Rigging Hardware

This rigging hardware is manufactured in different parts of the world, and sometimes you might find a difference in their quality. This is because everyone uses different raw materials, and sometimes there is also a slight difference in the production techniques of different manufacturing industries of different countries. Sometimes industries prefer importing the rigging hardware, and sometimes they prefer getting it from the local markets. However! In the modern world, people prefer using the imported material more because of many factors. Let’s learn about these factors in the following sections.

Factors Behind the Choice of Investing in Imported Rigging Hardware Over Local Rigging Hardware

Different industries have easy access to the best products nowadays. They want to invest in anything and anywhere where they find the best quality. This might be the major reason for the choice of imported rigging hardware.

Change With Time

Years back, no one wanted to invest in the imported hardware because of the hefty shipment costs and the expected damage of the rigging hardware throughout the journey. The sling hooks, blocks, clips, wire ropes, etc., were often found damaged, mislabeled, or unmarked. Not only this but often in this process, most workers were also harmed or injured. This created a bad image of the imported rigging hardware and was reputed as dangerous and poor-quality equipment.

With the change in time and advancements of the world, the shipments have improved, and so the image of the imported rigging hardware. The imported rigging hardware has become the preference of most people. The reason is there is more variety when we invest in the imported hardware for assembly plants, construction sites, and steel mills. Industries have easy access to the best quality worldwide. The improved shipment standards help you further in reaching your required hardware without any defects and with convenience. This change in time has also changed the mindsets, and now the winner is only the one with the best quality rigging equipment.

Shopping at Wholesale Rates

Many years back, people were also hesitant to invest in the imported rigging hardware because of the hefty shipment charges and hefty prices of the products. This is why most industries never even tried investing in the imported products. They had to invest in the local rigging hardware, even though they were of poor quality.

In recent times, most companies worldwide have started finding new ways of profiting everyone’s businesses. Most sectors offer their rigging hardware in bulk and at wholesale rates. This means you can shop plenty of rigging equipment, for example, one-time investment for 1 year of supply. Now you can shop the imported stuff in bulk without spending a hefty amount. They have economical wholesale rates to offer, with even discounted shipping rates when you buy in bulk. This boosts your businesses as well as your purchase of a high-quality product at low prices. It is hard to attain such offers in local products.

Better Production Facilities

Another reason why people do not consider shopping from the local sectors anymore is that they might not have better production facilities. The reason for the poor-quality and rusted equipment is that sometimes the production machinery is not that advanced. The poor-quality rigging hardware impacts the lifting performance, which could lead to a big disaster, like the destruction of some expensive equipment.

It is quite understood that why it is important to invest in better-quality rigging hardware. The imported rigging hardware is usually manufactured with better production facilities. High-tech machinery is used for its production. Better production facilities render you high-quality, robust, and long-lasting rigging equipment. Moreover, a safe shipment is possible if you get such stuff from a reliable rigging hardware supplier, no matter where it is sited. 

High-Quality Raw Materials

The high-quality raw materials used for the manufacturing of the rigging hardware are hard to find everywhere. Most industries also invest in the imported rigging hardware as the local ones that are available are not of supreme quality. This may lead to poor production of the rigging hardware, and the bad quality, of course, affects the overall performance. 

The imported rigging hardware is generally made of high-alloy steel, which is the most durable and the sturdiest option to invest in. The good-quality rigging hardware brings great productivity in the operations of the lifting of heavy objects. This becomes another critical reason to invest in the imported rigging hardware.

Things to Consider Before Investing in an Imported Rigging Equipment

As it is clear that the imported rigging hardware is the choice of most industrial sectors and for fair reasons, of course. Still, there is a disadvantage. Unlike the local rigging hardware, you cannot exchange the imported rigging hardware that easily because you can easily reach and communicate the problem at the local stores but not with the international ones. But you can save yourselves from all the issues of getting imported rigging hardware if you consider the following points.

Federal Standards

The most critical thing to consider before investing in the rigging equipment is that you need to make sure if it meets the federal specifications. For example, to invest in a shackle, you must attain a certificate of conformance from the supplier. 

Identify the Source and Vetting Supplies

Make sure that the supplier has himself visited the production site and has vetted the rigging hardware. This is important for the buyer’s assurance of the quality of the rigging hardware they have just purchased. When it comes to the rigging hardware, there can be a huge quality gap between different production facilities of different countries. Consider identifying the source first and pick the ones that have advanced automated factories. 

Product Tradability

It is very essential to consider investing in manufacturers that are reliable and forward-thinking. The right producers would be accountable for each and everything as they have this habit of maintaining records of what raw materials are used for the manufacturing of products, how and when their rigging hardware was manufactured, and where the raw materials they have been using are originated from. 

Testing Protocols

Either you invest in local rigging hardware or the imported one, it is crucial to test that product before making a purchase. It is not right to solely depend on your supplier. Consider buying the rigging hardware from a reliable manufacturer and supplier, as only the reliable ones would first send you their testing samples. If you are satisfied with their products, only then make your final decision. If they do not offer you this facility, go for another dealer. 


Both local and imported rigging hardware have their advantages and disadvantages, but this is the world of a globalized economy, and industries are getting this chance to obtain the best quality rigging equipment, and that too with convenience and affordable rates. This makes the imported rigging equipment better than the local ones. The imported rigging hardware goes through different quality check-ups in different production houses. Also, high-quality machinery is used for its production. Not only this, the best raw materials are used for its production. This adds more worth to your product, and because of the shipments, they also get approved as internationally certified, which means that you are getting the apt quality equipment. There are no such protocols when it comes to investing in the local rigging equipment. According to the described factors it is clear why investing in the imported rigging hardware is better and more reliable.



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