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Amazfit BIP Custom Face Technique
Let’s cut the long stories and customize your Amazfit BIP SmartWatch with Superb New Faces Now:

Technique Number One:

1. Visit… Now, select your favorite Amazfit BIP watch face and download the ‘.bin’ file for that face. Check carefully for the language of these faces since the developers of some of these custom faces are not English-Native.
2. Open your MiFit App (now known as Zepp Life) and connect the Bip Watch. I have only tried this on my BIP Amazfit Watch, but I am sure it will work similarly in the PACE Watch version, the BIP S, and BIP U since the software behind these smartwatches is the same!
3. In the MiFit Application, go to PROFILE > AMAZFIT BIP (or Pace) > Watch Face Settings. And just Sync/Download the 1st face (And also memorize the face you are using, lol).
4. Exit the MiFit APP for now. Now go to file manager and access – /Android/data/
5. There will be a file with 20 character names there and ‘.bin’ extension at the end. (example: 95168c02fff18c6adeea8d155413b87c.bin)
6. COPY that file name exactly.
7. Rename your downloaded NEW watch face file name to that Copied Name. Now, replace that old file in the phone folder with the new file.
8. Connect your watch and repeat steps 2 – 3, which means: Sync/Upload the 1st face again. VOILA !!

Note: The attached Post Image is of my favorite watch face (Crystal Fit v3), and sorry for the bubbles on my watch screen. They are because of the watch screen protector.. . Happy Watch Facing <3

Technique Number Two (latest and easier) for Bip Variants using Android:

  1. Download an App from the PlayStore named “Amazfit Bip Watchfaces” (with a blue icon and a yellow screen smartwatch in the middle)
  2. Open your Zepp Life app and connect the smartwatch if it is not connected already
  3. Select your favorite face from the App mentioned in Step 1, and watch an Ad to support the dev (not me, I am not associated, although I wish I would)
  4. Click on the Blue button that appears asking you to confirm and apply the watch face you selected.
  5. You can also save and enjoy other faces and add your own created faces here as well!

Amazfit BIP 24h Digital Watchface 14 6 2022

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the resources mentioned above; any actions and/or reactions you partake in using your phone and/or smartwatch.

A little insight about our lovely Amazfit Bip and Bip Lite Smartwatches: The thing we love about the Bip, aside from its design, is the fact that it can serve as both a fitness tracker and smartwatch, thanks to its dual GPS + GLONASS (GPS+GLONASS means you can use it even indoors and indoors without having to worry about Wi-Fi and Bluetooth issues). The build quality is pretty solid, and I have been using this watch as my daily driver for 6 years now! YES 😉

One of the best things about the Amazfit Bip is that you can change the watch faces of the device and even install new watch faces through the Amazfit App. We have already shown you how to change watch faces on the Bip.

The Amazfit Bip series is one of my favorite smartwatches, with a large (sunlight-proof!) display and fitness functionality. The face is the first thing that catches the eye when you unbox the watch. It comes with five different faces, each with a corresponding color for easy identification.

However, once you have spent some time wearing your watch, you might find that one of those faces is not quite right for you. That is where custom watch faces come in. You can choose between a few different options from the main settings menu. But even more options are available, which we have detailed above. The GPS in this Amazfit BIP watch is an assisted GPS type and gets updated every 2 to 3 days when connected to the phone. It is a solid and very accurate GPS, but the screen refresh rate is outdated (read: slow) as per the upper-range smartwatches of today. For example, when I am at 80 KM/h and continuously accelerating, the watch will slowly show the 80 Kilometre mark and refresh the screen to the next speed integer (while I have already reached 90 or so!). I have personally calculated this integer to be around 1 to 2 seconds late. This is very much to endure keeping in mind we are in 2022, where the latest smartwatches keep up diligently.



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