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Most launch functions by top tech companies generate enthusiasm and excitement that also comes with the necessity to learn more about the devices. The iPhone X has created a lot of excitement, as Apple changes from one design convention to an entirely new concept. But in spite of all the drama, does the phone justify its costly price tag? And does it hold any downsides that users should know of?? Here’s some pros and cons we need to know before getting this new Apple sensation!! !

iPhone X Pros and Cons -

Pros of the iPhone X

Face ID

Face ID is a method that scans and examines your face to remember you and open your phone. Face ID is the most reliable way to protect your phone from interference. The possibilities of someone tricking the phone are 1 in 1,000,000.

Wireless Charging

Wireless charging on the iPhone X supports you to get free of irritating cables.

Fast Charging

The iPhone X also has quick charging ability, which means you could have the phone charged to more than Seventy percent in about one hour.

Bigger, Better Screen

The screen of the iPhone X is much substantial and more tremendous than any other iPhone. It highlights True Tone Technology, full HD OLED and Apple introduced the highest pixel capacity ever, meaning your viewing encounter will be superior to other iPhones.

Bigger Is Smaller

The screen of iPhone X is more prominent than iPhone 8 Plus. But the phone is smaller in size.

Portrait Lighting

Another variation on the iPhone X is Portrait Lighting. This picture-taking feature measures different parameters like brightness, movement, and objects. It is then able to create unique lighting outcomes to make the utmost of facial contours.


If you’re an emoji lover, then Animojis will be an excellent pro for the iPhone for you. Animojis are animated emojis of your face.

Cons of the iPhone X

Besides possessing many benefits, the iPhone X also has some deficiencies that should be discussed as well. Here are few of them you might need to know of before buying the iPhone X.

High Price

Many users have grumbled about the pricing of the iPhone X calling it as overpriced. This is the record most costly iPhone ever, and the base price is set at 1,000 US dollars.

Fewer color options

The iPhone X comes in several colors, unlike its predecessors. It will be offered to the general public in Silver and Space grey (black), and various people think Apple should have contemplated adding more colors for those who do not like the options given.

One Size Suits All?

The iPhone X only has one size, neglecting those who require a smaller screen having to settle with the iPhone X.

Notch Not Approved

A notch obstructs the screen at the top of the front-facing camera. Some have criticized this notch as hindering the view of the screen.

Touch ID

Although Apple substituted the Touch ID with the more high-level Face ID, there are those who will take some time to become used to the innovative feature.

No Home Button

If you are used to the gestures you do with your contemporary iPhone and don’t like difference, you may be hesitant to learn the latest gestures with the iPhone X. Not possessing a Home button suggests that the iPhone X will have different instructions for tasks such as summoning Siri and shifting between apps.

Now that you know all the downsides and upsides of iPhone X, it is up to you if you want to buy one or not!!!



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