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Twitter Advertising for Start-ups:

Benefits and Challenges

Twitter Advertising

Social media platforms are providing striking publicity interfaces for brands and businesses. Twitter has now embarked its advertising features on other platforms including PPC and advertisement displays.

Many start-ups and small businesses have now covered their marketing automation by Twitter’s promoted accounts, tweets and timelines.


Major Advantages

Being a social media platform, Twitter already has a huge database of users. This is the most fundamental advantage that Twitter can be deeming to project customer targeting for its advertisers.

Target-Driven Landing page

Twitter’s advertising interface is found to be impressive with various targeting abilities. As for Tweet promotion, it is working more or less like a search engine which targets users through keywords as revered to Google Ad Words. After utilizing display targeting you can modify your ad statement and landing page interface. This is an aerodynamic user conversion experience that helps starters in gaining more customers.

Economical PPC Option

Twitter is relatively cheaper than major search engines that contain high density of ads charged with costly rates. Twitter advertising is apt for low priced alternative for some aspects such as running a test to compare its efficiency is quite simple.


Challenges for Twitter Advertising

The potential is outlined for small business and start-ups. However resources are limited with time span and budget.

140 Characters Limitation

Selling your product or service within 140 characters puts a big question mark regarding whether it is worth investing your marketing money into Twitter or not.

Irrelevant Search Results

To some extent, Twitter lands into completely irrelevant search term suggestions. Speculated ventures of Twitter advertising has taken it out from search engine providers of exact results.

Perplexed Content

The amount and quality of content is not disciplined when it comes to Twitter advertising. Cluttered posts of promoted tweets fall short of engaging users in reaction of too overwhelming posts.

Ineffectual User Targeted Interface

There is a whole lot of improvement required in targeting users according to interest. The catalogue of interest categories and sub categories are lacking comprehensive preferences. It requires to be expanded on greater detailing to become effective. The targeted interface needs to become more refined for effective targeting with respect to interest.


Despite of all these pros and cons, Twitter advertising is boasting small businesses marketing interfaces with vast traffic volumes and opportunities for potential customer interactions. One has to wait to observe how this initiative endeavours to become a crucial advertising platform in the coming years.



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