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Journalism plays an important role, both in the affairs of the nation and the lives of the people. They can make or mar the fortunes of a political party or an individual politician. The power of the press is no less than that of the Parliament and the Judiciary. It can raise an ordinary individual to a high position for his act of bravery, honesty and patriotism. Conversely, it can expose the misdeeds of a smuggler or a corrupt politician. It can incite the public and put it on a warpath against the government and it can also instil appreciation of the governmental achievements and projects which is why, the Press, especially in a democratic setup, has to follow certain norms and has to exercise objectivity and restraint in order to play a healthy and constructive role in our society.


It is their primary role and their social responsibility to give us nothing but simple and clear news.


It connects the common man with the world outdoors by rendering them with virgin information regarding the important events that take place all around them; namely the natural catastrophes, epidemics, robberies, political chaos, etc. They are meant to give the people every day’s weather updates and provide them with the entertainment news along with a surplus of advertisements; some useful while others not so useful. Newspapers also give columns to the vendors, thus giving them a ground for buying and selling; houses, cars, furniture, gadgets, etc.


One of the major functions of the newspaper is to objectively report all the national and international events. Reporting should be unbiased, for an untrue news item can do great harm by provoking the public. Similarly, unbalanced reporting of international events can cause misunderstandings between the government and the people of the concerned countries.


Newspapers play a great role in shaping people’s judgement. They allow people to analyse and observe the national, political and governmental issues while enjoying the comfort of their seats.


Like it or not, they are 60-80% responsible for how people think of their own country’s political issues and statistics and making their perspective. So it is about time they realise that “with Authority comes Responsibility” and make sure that they are making good (read: modest) use of their responsibility.

–          Orby Cooper



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