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Amazfit BIP Customised WatchFace(Updated November 2018) Let us cut the long stories and customize our Amazfit BIP (and Cor) SmartWatch with Superb New Faces Now :
1. Visit Amazfit Bip & Cor WatchFaces on Google Playstore Now, select your favorite watch face using the easy interface. The App itself explains how you can select your LANGUAGE and also use the given SORT function for FILTERING the required watch faces.
2. Download the favourite watch face of your choice and let it save on to the phone storage (the app will need storage rights and ask for it, which we have to allow).
3. This will replace one of your watch faces in the MiFit app and that is perfectly fine. Just remember which watch face you are replacing.
4. Open your MiFit App and connect the Bip Watch (or Cor). I have only tried this in my BIP Lite Amazfit Watch but I am sure it will work similarly in the PACE Watch version and Amazfit Cor as well since the software behind these watches is the same!
5. In the MiFit Application, go to PROFILE > AMAZFIT BIP (Cor or Pace) > Watch Face Settings. And just Sync/Download that face you replaced it with.
6. VOILA !!

TIP: The attached Post Image is my favourite watch face (Search for 464 – this also saves battery a lot since it does not have to show a lot of stats on screen, faces with minimal stats saves battery), and sorry for the scratches on my watch screen, they’re because of the ACTIVE lifestyle this watch is in.. . Happy Watch Facing <3
Disclaimer: I do not own the given link above and do not take responsibility for any actions
and/or reactions you partake using your phone and/or smartwatch.


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