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I have heard people saying that as you grow up your heart become stronger. It can bear more than it could ever before but for me it’s different. As I grow, my sensitivity to touchy things is further intensifying. Taking a serial I was watching, lately, as an example; the main role i.e. the hero of the serial died and I almost burst into tears. Then another example is of when I was watching this movie; Transformers: Age of Extinction, and when this bad guy James and his men were searching for Optimus Prime in the garage and hurting Cade’s daughter in order to make Cade speak I was filled with a heavy heart and I clearly burst into tears (later, yes! I was embarrassed) and I also had a heavy heart when those so-called cops sent and lead by Mr. Joshua, killed Optimus’s messenger while all he said was “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU HUMANS?“ as Lockdown ambushed and killed him.


The thing is; I know it’s okay to have a sensitive heart but it is not okay to start crying over such petty things. I mean, seriously, it is JUST A MOVIE. People will tell me it is okay, you are just a girl and girls are like that, they tend to have a sensitive heart. But hey, this crying over a movie is not a sensitive heart; it is an over-sensitive heart, which clearly is not good for me or anybody else at all. One should learn how to control their emotions at such times for you cannot be taking a tissue-box into the cinema, not because anybody will stop you from taking it there but it’s just that it makes no sense.

All I want to say is that “Girls should not cry over things as small as ‘a handsome guy dying in the movie’, ‘the evil winning over good in the movie’, ‘the rich torturing the poor in the movie’, etc because all the bad that happened in the movie ends as the movie ends. Ruining your mascara for it is just not worth it. If you want to feel, feel for the mother who lost her son in an army battle, salute her son, feel for the people dying throughout the world, feel for a baby girl who lost her mother when she was just four. They are the people who deserve your “condolences and your heartfelt prayers.”


Orby Cooper.



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