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We all admire this one person who happens to be motivational and inspirational for us, so much that we want to be like them. Marissa Mayer, an appreciably talented and commendably successful, is one of those people, motivating you at times when you are going through the phase of “what’s the whole point of working so hard?”

 marissa mayer

Every successful person knows the importance of working hard, so does Mayer, former executive and one of the major spokesperson of Google who is now the chief executive of Yahoo. She’s not just a hardworking business woman but she was also a hardworking student. She is a living example for all the ladies out there, an example of consistent hard work.


She is 38 years of age and is an exceptional combination of beauty with brains. Out of those 38 years, she has successfully worked with Google for 13 worthwhile years before joining Yahoo as the CEO in July 2012. In 2012 she was on #32 in amongst the top 100 powerful women of the world (source: forbes). Now in 2013, Ms. Mayer is on #8 in amongst the world’s top 50 powerful women taking her company’s stock price to rise about 111% (source: fortune via cnn).


Just like all the ladies, she has her flaws; she is a shy and socially awkward person since her school times. But along with all her flaws, she manages to be amongst the most successful women of the world leaving the people out there flabbergasted.


How has she reached so far with such a big flaw?”


The question remains unanswered while Mayer persists to reach heights of success in a male-dominated world.


However be sure of it that without hard work you cannot even taste success, achieving it is far apart. Remember; hard work is always fruitful.


Orby Cooper.



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