Pre-wedding Tips

One can never guess nor predict how a Bride feels during the days prior to her wedding. One can barely fathom what is going on in a going-to-be bride’s mind. However, one thought that is common amongst every going-to-be bride’s mind is that; My Wedding Day would go smoothly well and I would make a Perfectly Beautiful Bride.


In order to assure that our going-to-be brides look admiringly Beautiful (admirable for the groom especially) and their Big Day goes flawless, here are a few wedding tips:


White Wedding Gown


1)      When you go to buy your wedding dress for the big day, go semi-prepared; with your hair styled the way you want them to be on the wedding day. Go with make-up on, wearing the proper pair of shoes and make sure you do proper undergarments inside.

2)      Add a hint of Turmeric in all of your homemade facial masks. Turmeric is a universally known beautifying agent. It is an antioxidant, covering up for the damage done to skin by free radicals. It is antiseptic and has anti-aging properties. It heals acne scars, blemishes and wrinkles.

3)      If you are planning to get a haircut, get it done at least 4 weeks ahead of your wedding day, i.e. a month before, so you get used to of the haircut and know what suits you best.

4)      Don’t worry about things like; the guest list, the wedding venue’s decorations, etc. Let others handle it; you would probably panic and do things you wouldn’t have wanted or done with a fresh mind.

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