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Stains are the last thing anybody would want on their clothes especially if you’re talking about oil stains (ugh… gives me the creeps, the kind of feeling only those of you would understand who have been through washing clothes). We all know that the fresher the stain is, the easier it is to remove it. Set in stains are no less than a headache so it is better to wash off the stain as soon as you find it instead of leaving it on for the dry clean. (However for the garments that says dry clean only it is better to leave it to them)


Have a look at some must-know tips if you tend to stain your clothes more often or if you have someone of the same sort in your family who makes their clothes eat whatever they themselves eat.


1)      white shirtIf you are a white lover or like light colours, it would be smart enough to carry a stain removing pen with you in handy so that whenever a mishap occurs you may get rid of it immediately. The more time you leave the stain on your clothes, the more difficult it is to remove it.

2)      oil stainBaby powder is no longer just good for the baby, it is good enough for you to remove oil stains too. As soon as you find the stain, sprinkle some baby powder over it while making sure to cover it up completely. Let it soak the oil overnight, preferably, or for 30 minutes at least.

3)      baking sodaOil on your favourite Tee? Not a problem, rub over the stain with baking powder and give it a regular wash in the machine. If it is a set in stain then you might want to renew the oil stains with a lighter oil or more preferably WD-40 before rubbing over with baking soda. People have sworn by this. It always works.

4)      blood stainAccidentally cut your finger and spilt the blood over your dress? Put it in cold water as soon as possible (both; your dress and your finger) and keep changing the water. The blood will diffuse out of your clothes and into the water. Then give it a regular wash.


Remember; the fresher the stain, the easier it is to remove it.


Enjoy a stain free life.




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