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Winters are over, bed felt warm,

But today was different,

The Sun shone bright.

Didn’t want to get up,

Didn’t want to get out,

I turned to the Sun and felt something.

I felt like it said;

“It will be alright!”

I was probably just manipulating.

But then I smiled to myself, thinking;

Sometimes it is okay to be crazy,

It means no harm.


I tried to get up; my blanket wouldn’t let me go

But today was different,

Unlike other days, it felt cold.

Yes my blanket felt cold.

For once, it didn’t feel comfy, it felt brisk

The rays of the Sun,

Shining on my face, warmed me up.

I sat up on my bed, looking at the Sun.

I, again, fumbled something.

I felt like it smiled and said;

“Rise and Shine Beautiful,

Today owes to be different!”


I’m not much of a morning person,

But today was different,

The Sun was giving off rays of positivity.

So I knead some dough and baked some bun.

The water is cold,

But I thought in my heart,

The people are not.

That was my mere source of,



It has been quite a while since I lived my heart,

But today was different,

My heart was jumping out of happiness,

I rejoiced my bun,

Logged in my blog, poured out my art.

And once I was done,

Just like every other time,

I went on with the scrutinizing part.

Found your comments,

I was overwhelmed.

Thank you guys for the wonderful comments!

They felt like God sent.


Now everything makes sense,

This fills me with me new energy.

Now I’m all jazzed up.

No need to put up with the pretense.

Thank you people, for giving me a hear.

I will work harder and make my blogs a bit more intense.

I will put up everything, worth a share.


Yes! It is okay to be a little crazy.

It is okay to listen to your heart.

And go in a direction where your heart directs you to.

It all proved worthwhile.

Giving in to the hard work,

And giving up on being a lazy daisy.

The warmth of the Sun was absolutely right.


 – sun girlOrby Cooper



The Krunchies are here do not Fear! Everything is amusing and fabulous, from tech to shoes to bracelets and droplets. These two know no boundaries when sharing their favorite knowledge on food, tech, and all the wearables. They're smart, and they're cute!

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