Social Networking has completely taken over Live Interaction

There was a time when people used to gather together to discuss the smallest of their problems and share the littlest of things that made them happy, when people waited for Saturdays and Sundays to come so that they could sit with their friends and family and talk their hearts out, when they did not need a reason to see each other and always took some time out for their peers unlike NOW!


Social networking sites have both; their advantages as well as disadvantages. You are going to find more people talking about the advantages than the disadvantages; reason being the advantages are more pronounced and notable. However the disadvantages cannot be neglected either.

want my friends back

Ever since Facebook has come into existance; people prefer to write on their friend’s wall rather than going to meet them or even call them. It has pretty much turned our priority list upside down. It has very well done the job left undone by our busy routines of minimising the social gatherings. If a friend has a birthday coming up; for instance; we no longer plan a surprise birthday party, instead we plan a birthday photo collage or a video of all their beloved friends saying happy birthday. But seriously and honestly tell me what means more to you; a group of friend suprisingly showing up on your birthday or a photo collage with each one of them in it. If, for some kind of an odd reason, you tend to choose the photo collage option then I AM SORRY but you cannot exchange hugs with a Photo!


Back when social sites didn’t exist; if due to some understandable circumstances, one could not make it to your place on a special occassion, they would at least place a call; which is still far better than being informed via a Facebook message.


The whole idea behind these social sites was to enhance socialising but in turn it has minimised it to a great extent.


–          Orby Cooper.