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When you hear this ^ the first thing that pops in your mind is either John Cena saying; “Stay safe, don’t try this at home or at school.”, in his hot and husky voice, some other wrestler or you think of wrestling. But when I say it, I mean something entirely different.


For women, high heels are a symbol of femininity. A woman cannot rightfully be called a woman if she cannot manage to walk straight in high heels. If she stumbles wearing high heels, it is embarrassing, the reason being; a woman in high heels should stay upright and walk straight during all circumstances (even on a rugged street).  Let me tell you! It is NOT an easy task but we still manage to do so. For which we definitely deserve a round of applause and some well-earned respect.

high heels

However, no matter how desirable these heels may seem, wearing high heels all the time can be really stressful for both; your feet and your backbone (A.K.A spinal cord). No wonder your toe hurts when you wear it for too long. The time for which you can wear high heels and manage to keep a smile on your face depends on a lot of things; depends on whether you are a pro or have just started to wear high heels, on how comfortable your heels are, the length of your heels, etc). Science has proven that wearing high heels for longer than you can tolerate is not healthy for your backbone. It takes away all the stress of your weight away from your feet and put it on your toes, stressing your backbone and proving injurious in future.


So give your feet a break and wear flats while you can.

Let them relax!

Stay safe, don’t wear heels at home.


(P.S: Yes I am a female, watch wrestling and am a fan of John Cena. You have a problem? I hope not :-P)



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