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The lifting and rigging tools are the most imperative and useful tools in different industrial sectors as they help with the lifting, movement, and placement of heavy-weight objects via a crane or other heavy-weight lifting machines. The purpose of such tools is to firmly hold these objects throughout the moving process. The top applications of the lifting and rigging tools are usually seen in residential and commercial building construction sites, landscaping sites, bridge construction work, etc. It is important to choose the best tools for such applications to prevent any life-threatening accidents. Moreover, these tools also must be worked with under the supervision of expert riggers. Thankfully, there is a wide variety of lifting and rigging tools available in the markets, and here you can explore the best lifting and rigging hardware of 2021.

Wire Rope Sling

A wire rope sling has made up to the list of the top lifting and rigging hardware of 2021 as it is required the most in various weight-lifting applications. This rigging tool and lifting gear are basically made of a wire rope and other metal hardware such as shackles, hooks, nuts, bolts, and rings by the steel wire rope manufacturer. The steel wire rope generally works as a mainstream material, while the metal hardware acts as locking devices. 

Polyester Webbing Slings

Another most commonly used rigging and lifting tool is the Polyester webbing slings. It has been made up to this list as it is considered the most preferred lifting gear choice by expert riggers. As the name indicates, the Polyester webbing slings the rigging and lifting tool made of polyester-made webbing and metal hardware. Here, the webbing works as a mainstream material while metal devices sustain the sling to firmly have a grip over the heavy-weight cargo. The polyester webbing slings are quite similar to the wire ropes, but the difference between them is just the mainstream material.

Chain Slings 

The chain sling is another popular rigging and lifting tool in the list of the best tools of 2021. It is manufactured of metal hardware, including hooks, nuts, bolts, as well as steel shackles. As the name already indicates, the steel-made chain is the mainstream material here, and the rest is just like in other lifting and rigging tools. The Chain slings are known to provide complete safety, which is why they are also considered stronger than the other tools.

Spreader Beams

The spreader beams have made up this list because of their uniqueness. This lifting and rigging instrument basically offers a sectional lifting solution for heavy-weight lifting tasks. The spreader beams are those rigging tools that can be used with both wire rope slings and synthetic lifting slings. The purpose of creating such spreader beams was just to distribute the weight of the cargo to different points to make it easy to lift. This tool is the most effective in stably moving heavy-weight objects at every single point.

Pulleys and Blocks

Like every year, the Pulleys and Blocks have again made it to the list of the best rigging and lifting tools as they are suitable to carry heavy loads. The operation of these tools involves reducing the force required to move weightier objects. The most common examples of Pulleys and Blocks include snatch blocks, swivel blocks, and square blocks. These blocks are considered viable options for some specific applications. The Pulleys and Blocks are also versatile as they can easily be deployed and are also available in myriad sizes. Another thing that made them the best choice again is that they can accommodate up to 30 tons in weight. Pulleys could be combined with rigging ropes to hook onto objects securely. Pulleys usually rely on frames, ropes, and sheave size.

Eye Bolts

Eyebolts are another most commonly used rigging and lifting tools that are available in a multitude of sizes and materials. Different types of eye bolts can be chosen depending on the requirement of the application. These anchor-like eye bolts work as riggers supply for various rigging applications. Shoulder eye bolts and straight eyebolts are some of the most common types of eye bolts. The shoulder eye bolts are mostly used for angular connections, whereas the straight ones are employed in straight-line applications. Other types may include screw eye bolts, U-bolts, and lag eye screw eyebolts. 


The turnbuckles have also made up to the list of the best lifting and rigging equipment of 2021 because of their vast number of applications, including sports equipment, maritime transport, construction, as well as aviation. The turnbuckles are most commonly known as the adjustment device as they eliminate sack or adjust tension in a cable, rope, or other tensioning systems. These turnbuckles are generally composed of a body, a right-hand threaded end fitting, and a left-hand threaded end fitting. 


The rigging and lifting hooks are specifically designed to lift and move heavy objects. These tools eliminate slippage, still depends upon the materials being moved. The lifting and rigging tools are usually made of forged alloy steel which adds more to its strength. It is chosen based on safe weight load indication. These hooks also have various types, including sorting, eye, clevis grab, and choker. These rigging hooks are obtainable based on throat or hook opening. 

Stainless Steel Nuts

Stainless-steel nuts are another commonly used rigging and lifting tools that have made up the list of the best tools of 2021. The use of these tools depends on various rigging applications, though. Some of its types may also include hex nuts, dome nuts ball ends, wing nuts, and lifting eye nuts. These rigging and lifting nuts are generally made from type 316 stainless steel, which is attainable in RH and LH thread.

This article has precisely described some of the best lifting and rigging tools of 2021. All these tools help the most in construction sites or any other places where there is any sort of lifting or moving required. Still, one has to be really careful when dealing with this stuff, as dealing with heavy-weight objects is usually life-threatening. With these best tools, it is also important to have some expert riggers that can manage them correctly. 



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