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What is it that is not just hot but fiercely hot?

  1. Red is the pure Capsaicin pepper and so is Green.
  2. Red is the Naga Jolokia pepper and so is Green.
  3. Red is the Dorset Naga pepper and so is Green.
  4. Red is the Savina Habanero pepper and so is Green.
  5. Red is the Scotch Bonnet pepper and so is Green.
  6. Red is the Tabasco pepper and so is Green.


Nature has a peppery way of letting us know of the hottest combination of them all; i.e. Red and Green, when are put together they look very hot. No wonder the designers chose to put the combination into clothes and make it most-wanted by the women out there.


Why does it look so good?

The two colours Red and Green fall opposite to each other on the colour wheel which is why they both complement each other really well. The farther the colours are to each other on the colour wheel, the better they’ll look when put into combination of each other.

bridal dresses

The combination of Red and Green has been ruling over the females’ hearts since as early as the 2010 when various fashion designers showcased it in their respective country’s fashion weeks and bridal weeks. The designers made their bridal dresses to be red and green and the love for the combination still remains in the hearts of south-east Asian ladies.

rocky s

“The combination of Red and Green makes you look hot, FIERCELY HOT!”

Ladies of believe in the fact above so submissively that they choose it to be their bridal dress’s combination. If not the bride herself then it has to be the bridesmaids or the bride’s sisters who happen to wear Red and Green. All in all, south-east Asian weddings are said to be incomplete without a lady wearing Red and Green.


If you still haven’t combined Red and Green in any of your dresses then it’s about time you do.


Orby Cooper.




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