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Curiosity is one of those quintessential aspects of man which can not ever be satisfied. It is prominently marked in history that men, in all ages, have wanted to know more and more about various things and places. In order to gain insight, they have studied numerous books and travelled innumerable borders. It was nothing but their intent desire to explore that led Columbus and Vasco dar Gama to be able to discover America and India, respectively.


Back when printing had not yet come into existence, and newspapers were not yet developed, travellers played an undeniably crucial role. People of a city or a village fed their curiosity and gathered news about what is happening in other parts of the world through travelling. They related the details of the various traditions followed by people of different places and regions. Listeners learned, with interest, what they could not fetch from any other source. These travellers, also, speculated and wrote books on the observed lifestyles of people and places they explored.


Travel is not just mere source of education but also a gratifying experience. No matter how much amount of description is provided by a book or a person, it just cannot substitute a personal visit to that particular place. The impact and the fun of seeing that place for oneself is obviously far greater than just reading about it from somewhere. Generally when we travel routinely from home to our workplace, we start to lose interest in the surroundings and do not pay attention to the changes that take place on our route. Compared to when we are at a new place, we tend to pay attention to even the minor details of the surroundings. It is our inquisitiveness that makes us attentive and our mind starts taking mental notes of the new surroundings.


– Some tourists hiking at a Finnish Wildlife Forest.


Leading the life of a fish in the pond narrows our mental perspective and we begin to limit ourselves to that very pond and regard it as our “world”. Travelling fills us with new and positive energy and familiarises us of the vividness of this humongously vast world. We get to see new faces and meet new people, learn new languages, enjoy different cuisines, wear different dresses and observe lifestyles having nothing in common with ours. We even get to learn and benefit from the scientific, social and political studies being carried out in the institutions prevailing in the respective countries all around the world.


Many problems arise due to the fact that people seldom visit any places other than their own. Living at far ends of the world they can only see what they are being shown by the media and be judgemental about people’s problem. They cannot realise what others are ACTUALLY going through nor can they understand other’s problems. When one gets to look at a problem closely and from another’s point of view, they understand the problem better and realise the unreasonableness of one’s own stand.


For people travelling but not knowing what place to visit; travel guide sites are doing a great job. You are going to find numerous online forums as well, where people who have been there are found to be discussing how good or bad a certain place is and why is that so. You can get to know all the prerequisite minor details of whatever place(s) you are looking forward to visit.


We get to read about historical monuments very often but they remain in our minds as mere “abstract word-mass”. Travel brings them to life. When we get to see the monuments we read or heard about, in person, you experience an unparallel thrill. Visiting far-flung places not easily reachable via transport, can be a little inconvenient, but therein lays the incomparable thrill of being able to conquer the distance. Thus it also satisfies the spirit of adventure in us. Not to mention; satisfying that human urge of facing challenges successfully.


I don’t think I have to state anymore advantages of travelling, you better be convinced now!

And in case you need any guidance regarding a certain place, take help from the numerous travel guide sites and forums available on the internet.


Travel as much as your pocket allows you.

It is not just refreshing but enlightening too.


–          Orby Cooper.



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