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The Lovely Day


Yes! We are talking about the wedding day, the loveliest day of all for the duo, the couple. Everyone wants their wedding to be special and perfect in every way; the dresses, the decoration, the cake and just everything.

As I mentioned earlier; “Every single detail matters, so does the wedding decoration! Being a special day the decoration should also be very special and unique.


Here are a few wedding themes that could be helpful for you in planning your wedding uniquely.



Every color has its own beauty!


i)            The Red and White wedding theme

Red is considered to be the color of Love and white, the color of Peace.

red and white theme

red and white wedding


ii)           The Blues:

Blue is another very pleasant color.

Here are some ideas for the Blue lovers.

blue theme

blue wedding theme backdrop


iii)         Orange and Pink wedding theme:

To give a little girlish touch to the wedding decoration the “Pink and Orange” can be a big help.

orange and pink wedding decorations

pink and orange wedding


iv)         The charm of Gold

Golden color has its own charm and a Golden wedding theme is sure to give a classy look.

golden wedding themegold wedding seating


v)           The White:

White is always elegant and simple. It has an undeniable element of beauty in it and it fits in with every other colour.

white theme

I hope these few themes will help you select a perfect theme for a perfect wedding. Now, on your special day you may treat yourself with the Love theme, keep it pleasingly Blue, add a little cuteness with Orange and Pink, add the charm of Gold or embrace the flawless White wedding theme.



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