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Following FOX’s announcement, there was a massive wave of social media outcry, with fans heavily protesting the decisions and calling onto other networks to pick up the show.

A myriad of petitions and hashtags took over twitter, like #SaveB99 and #RenewB99 to name a few.




After news of the show’s cancellation broke, rumors started floating that another network or a streaming service like Hulu might pick it up, but Hulu wound up passing on it. The good news though, is that NBC jumped in and saved the day, announcing after only a day on Friday night that it would be picking up the show for a 13-episode sixth season.




Much like the show’s devoted fans, the Brooklyn Nine-Nine cast and crew are pretty stoked about the news, taking to Twitter to share their excitement.





Among the main points of criticism of FOX was its decision to cancel one of its most diverse shows that challenges the status quo and tackles issues like inequality.




And as the show’s creator Mike Schur pointed out, NBC’s decision to pick up the show was definitely a result of fans making their voices heard.


Anyway, for Nine-Nine viewers, this was basically the best news ever.





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