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In the era of digital disruption, our marketing and branding methods are also changed, nowadays marketers also prefer to market their brands on social media. But there come several difficulties in branding products on social media due to unawareness of the methods for branding on social media. If you are doing your best in digital markets and also making quality products but still unable to get customer’s attention on Social Media, then you are at the right place. Here I will describe some tips for making your brand more likable on social media.

Generate great content (both written and visual): First of all, to grab the responsiveness of people on Social media, you have to create some great content both written and visual. If you are only promoting your products, stop doing it, along with promoting your products, also create content of customer’s interest. Entertain them with some interesting stuff, may be relevant to your goods or not. Tell them something interesting, and it can be relevant or irrelevant to your product but can be of customer’s interest. For example, if you deal in dairy products, tell your audience about the recipes that can be made with the help of these goods and if you deal in fashion clothes tell your audience about recent fashion trends. Write an article about these things or make videos, videos are preferable because research shows that visual representation is fascinating to the human brain.


*Video presentation on usage of brand

 Pay attention to your audience: Paying attentions means to respond to your customer’s queries, their comments, messages, etc. Help them in understanding what you deal in. Show them that they are the reason for your success. Value them and also credit them for your achievement. This is also known as Community Management.


*Thanking audience for getting maximum likes.

Invent your best practices: Don’t copy any other product or groups instead, create your own ideas. Facilitate your customers with some unique and innovative products. Ask your clients what they want and try to implement their ideas in your brands.


*Facebook invents the solar airplane to bring internet access to people living in remote location

Show your personality: Make your customer feel that they are dealing with a non-robotic kind of stuff. Show them your personality in responses, post, and comments. You have to make sure that not only your brand is displayed everywhere but also your personality. Be bold and brave while treating people like they’re your closest mates. Tell them about your origin. Inspire them with your success stories; a customer is always interested in getting to know about you, your brand, your origin, and your success.


Care; because People Matter: Care about your customers; value their opinion. Thank them for their positive feedback and don’t be offensive on getting negative feedback, instead, learn from negative feedback and improve your quality, and bring change in your product as per customer requirement.


*Reaction Buttons in Facebook on User’s demand

Sponsor a contest: contests are a successful way to grab audience attention. So, try to sponsor a contest and also target the right audience to whom you want to sell your product and encourage people to participate. It will increase your brand market.


That’s all for now – Share your experiences!



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