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Who doesn’t love a badass moment? Whether we’re directly involved in one or we see someone dish it out, it all about trumping someone in a moment of pure savagery. Brooklyn 99, a police show, has its moments of fun and badass-ery which make us go crazy over the show. Here’s a look at the top 10 savage moments from our favorite show.


  1. Holt v Deputy Commissioner Police

Captain Holt is one of the best characters of Brooklyn 99. He’s sassy when he has to be and delivers punchlines like nobody else. When Holt lays it down to Deputy Commissioner about how he has been doing his job in all honesty and him being gay (openly) does not mean he can be threatened easily, THIS was one hardcore badass moment we won’t forget.



  1. Crews and the Wheeled Dollhouse

Remember when Crews’ character was building a dollhouse for his girls? Looking at his physique, you rarely expect a hunk of a man come up short at something as basic as building a dollhouse and finding out it needs to have wheels. Crews’ delivery of his line makes this a moment to remember.


  1. Holt Become Gerald Gimes

A moment where we all let a tear or two when Holt takes on the role of Gerald Gimes. The portrayal of a character in a show couldn’t have been any better. The tragedy that befell Gimes made us all feel it in the guts.


  1. Young Mr. Holt

The reveal of the younger self of Captain Holt as part of flashbacks showed us how it all started for El Capitan. Delightful to look at and inspirational.




  1. Medal of Valor for Boyle

Det. Boyle is a lovable and often naïve character on the show. When Boyle put his life on the line for Det. Diaz (as per Jake he was shot in the butt. LOL), the moment when he was awarded the Medal of Valor left us all going ‘Awwwww…’.


  1. Boyle’s Truth Bombs

In the episode ‘The Bet’, we get to see a series of truth bombs. Boyle’s medication resulted in some of the funniest truths being let out. The best was when Boyle revealed why he saved Rosa and how only he can come up with such heroics.


  1. Peralta, The Auctioneer

The first season of the show had some wonderful eye-candy as guests making cameos. Fred Armisen, Patton Oswalt, Kid Cudi. This one, though, you’ll have to find out for yourself.



  1. Boyle does a Boyle

Boyle is as silly as they come. But hey, we all love silly don’t we? The moment when Peralta and Boyle pepper-spray each other in the face is one our favorite.


  1. Boyle as Neo

We don’t know what the show would be without Boyle. When his depression brings out his darkness, out come the trench coat and black glasses making Boyle look like Neo from the Matrix.



  1. Holt is a Real Charmer

A moment from the season finale. After landing in hot waters thanks to Peralta’s shrewdness, Holt and Peralta attempt to woo the judge to get out of a sticky spot is just hilarious.



Tell us your best moments in the comments.



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