Trying to cope up with Hair-fall?

Don’t give up… Not yet…


We all have our bad times. The time when you are broke. The time when you feel like completely giving up, on everything you have been trying to cope up with, though just a last push was all that you needed to succeed. And there are going to be a hundred thousand such times when all you had to do was give it a last try; the last push, but you chose to give up right then.


You are going through hair-fall, for instance;

i)                    So you comb your hair more often.

ii)                   You start giving yourself an oil-head-massage on alternate days.

iii)                 You cover your hair with protein masks on weekends.

iv)                 You change your diet and start consuming edibles with a lot of vitamin E in them and edibles that nourish your head and body well enough.

v)                  You switch your shampoo and start exercising.

vi)                 You do this, you do that!

hairfall treatment

You do all you could think of but the problem just does not gets solved instead it further intensifies from 50 hair a day to 100. And then you go all like “Ugh whatever! I give up!” because off course losing 50 hair a day is better than losing 100 a day, sounds pretty sane. But I’ll tell you where the problem lies!


Hair-fall never stops!

However you can speed up the process of growing new hair by numerous ways. Most of us are unaware of the fact that when new hair grows, older ones fall. Therefore when the process of “new hair growth” is boosted, hair-fall increases. Whatever you have been doing in order to fight the problem, was effective but you gave up just when your body needed more protein to grow new hair, the last push in this case. As a result it stops growing new hair in place of the old ones and the place from where the hair has fallen remains empty.



Moral being:

As new hair grows faster, older hair falls faster. Please do not stress yourself over it as it will only worsen it. However if you think the number of hair falling is abnormal (i.e. above 100) or if you feel like you are going bald; consult a hair doctor.


P.S. Don’t forget to comb your hair twice a day, okay?


–          Orby Cooper