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What is Branding?

As defined by the American Marketing Association,

“A brand is a name, logo design, symbol, term, or any other characteristic that distinguishes one seller’s goods or service from other sellers.”

Branding is how your customers perceive your company whenever they hear or see your brand’s name. Branding is a form of marketing; it is the promise which your organization has made with its audience; it is how you chose to promote your services to the targeted audience.

Content Writing

Just like graphic designing or logo designing, content marketing is also an enormous field, including a subcategory of content writing. When it comes to making a connection with the audience and at the same time harvesting a good turnout, one of the best ways to build content that is not only capable of resonating with your target audience but is also capable of elevating your brand, is via Content writing.

Content writing is a vast field; it includes web content writing, blogging, expert or industry writing, journalistic/news writing, or creative writing, etc. A content writer specializes in providing the content that is best suitable for the targeted audience of the website. Moreover, they are expert at writing content containing keywords that are aimed towards improving a website’s organic presence!

“Content is the reason search began in the first place.”

Types of Content Writing

Some of the sub-types of content writing include;

1.  Web content

Consider content writing as building a house; in this house, web content lies as the foundation. It portrays the contents of your home page, about us page, contact page, and so on. Without the web content page, the audience will not be able to find the information they’re seeking about the organization. It is the main page that supports the rest of the content strategy.

A skilled expert writer needs to write solid web page copy, and must know about organic writing, in order to use keywords, as well as must be able to create content that promotes engagement and conversion-friendly writing skills. Always remember that good web pages must be customer-oriented, rather than just describing the brand or product.

2.  Blogs

Another category of content writing is blogging; it is the primary form of content writing that lays the context for the audience. They are personal mini-websites that people use for recording their opinions, stories, and other forms of writings. They are used by brands or companies to showcase the brand personality, and also help the readers to establish a sense about their business, and its services.

With the development in web, blogging is also gaining more recognition and merit. It builds SEO presence on the website and gives businesses the path to nurture their leads with a source of fresh and consistent content. It has been observed that the companies that post 11 or more blogs per month gain more than four times as many leads in comparison to those that blog only four to five times per month. Furthermore, blogging also helps organizations to build brand awareness as well as achieve organic ranking goals.

3.  Journalism & PR Writing

Journalism and PR writing has the function of sharing news or getting the word out about the company’s events, products, new policies, etc. It serves as a door of the house, which has the purpose of inviting people in. However, if you will use press release for organic means, that is not going to work in your favour. But if you want to spread news that is worthwhile and can grab quick audience, then journalism and PR Writing is the key to it!

4.  Creative Writing

Creative writing has no limits. Starting from a tweet or a Facebook caption to writing blogs or essays, all comes under creative writing. It is a blend of short and long stories, jokes, puns, scriptwriting, etc. The genre encircles the super creative projects of the company, and it serves to enhance and support each sort of content on this list. Nevertheless, as the field itself includes the name creative in it, this is no hard fact to understand that it requires writers who can produce exciting and innovative content.

Importance of Content Writing in Branding

They say Content is Currency; every time it is shared by someone else, its value is increased. Besides having an effective logo design to allure the targeted audience, a well-written content also holds the potential to attract a massive crowd of audiences. It is a content writer’s job to create content worth sharing. The power of well-written content can never be taken for granted. It can attract people on the company’s website or social accounts and if they find the content good enough they will return, which would eventually increase traffic on the website.

Reasons Describing Why Content Writing is a Branding Essential:

· Helps Build Brand Awareness

First and foremost, ‘WoRdS’ are an excellent source of branding to create awareness about the company, its products, and its services. By using the social media accounts, blogs, newsletters, and website to create engaging content, well written and useful content will show the audience that you are always present and there to respond whenever they need help.

· Written Content Helps Rank Organically

Marketing is always crucial in business. In order to get high SEO ranking, written marketing content is and always will be a must. Take the simplest example, a video that has a written content with it will consistently rank higher, whether it is through the script or via a YouTube description that is using keywords to drive organic traffic.

· Writing Helps Establish Your Business

When a company regularly posts content on its website, it tells people about its business, which is used as a source to inform the audience what they are doing and how their services can help them.

· Good Content Earns Links from Other Websites

When a company or brand updates their website with content that is relevant to its product, within a short span of time other brands or bloggers starts to mention and link their content when discussing their services, that eventually improves SERP rating.

· Good Content is Always Shared

When the content is produced on targeted keywords with high search volumes and an attention-grabbing headline, it never fails in inviting people to click it open.

Intriguing and attention-grabbing headline or title is the key here!

If the content fails to grab the audience or depict an attractive headline, then it will never bring in the traffic on the website.

·  Written Content Builds Retention

Right after good graphic design on the website, or attractive logo design, the other most crucial thing that the audience remembers about a website is the well-written content. If a brand aims to stay in each of its consumer’s memories, then they must know a good written content will always remind the customer about each of its services.

Hence, in today’s world, and with this continuous development in web, the importance of content writing in branding cannot be denied. The power of well-written content to spread awareness, increase organic rating, generate higher revenue, target the accurate audience and bring in traffic on the site, etc., cannot be taken for granted or underestimated.

“Good content is not storytelling. It’s telling your story well.”