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Is an interesting question. Brooklyn Nine Nine was a hit among viewers, but even then it had just 2 million viewers per season. Let’s have a look at why the news of the show’s cancellation was met with such furor.


The Hilarious Script

Of course humor is subjective, and the series — about the adventures of detectives in a Brooklyn police precinct — is filled with inside jokes that only viewers can appreciate. But just watch this recent cold open that involves crime, the Backstreet Boys and singing from Andy Samberg, who starred as the always goofy detective Jake Peralta.


Don’t Pay Mind to the Ratings

Executives consider more than just traditional TV numbers, particularly in this era of on-demand and streaming. “Their official statement to us is they don’t look at that kind of ratings data, and I hope to god that is true,” Goor said. “But also, our show does very well in the Live+7 setting, and we’re one of the most-watched live-action shows on Hulu.”


Diverse Cast

When the show was first picked up in 2013, Melissa Fumero — who plays detective Amy Santiago — marveled that there were two Latina women in the main cast. That was very rare, even five years ago.


Tackling Tough Issues

The problem of racial profiling was talked about in the show. This holds more significance than we can imagine after Terry Crews was stopped over by the police in front of his house.



The thing that struck me about Brooklyn Nine Nine from the beginning was that its humor was always kind. It was hilarious without being cruel or relying on tired stereotypes.







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