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SocioFab - West indies cricket teamMost of the time, skill is the basic weapon to carry on in a competition. In a big tournament like the World Cup 2015, it has to be given priority to accumulate in a team, but this relevant big game also requires confidence with peace of mind and stability. This can be obtained with pre planned management. Striding to focus on each match while going through a step by step game plan!
Team Pakistan mostly consists of skilled and experienced players. In the past, Pakistan was considered as a team which could play better in tense situations. A bowling attack which can’t be neglected and a strong batting line that can turn the tables around, in a do or die situation!
SocioFab - West indies cricket teamOn the contrary, present performance of Pakistan against India is observed to be very edgy. It is a mix of good players with an appalling team. Focus and temperament is also something lacking in the overall features. The batting line was most unpredictable and disquiet when all of a sudden Umer Akmal was at no.6 and Shahid Afridi was at no.7. This tends to make an unreliable batting order. Younis Khan, the star batsman who scored out of the world 103 runs against New Zealand at UAE previously was discriminated to open the innings in the last match.. .
According to Miandad:
Using Younis as an opening batsman is an injustice to such a talented batsman. The top four batting spots are specialist’s slots and those who are in form should raise their hands. If Younis has to be slotted in the playing XI, then he should come down in the order when the ball gets a bit old.”
Nevertheless, the next match of pool B will be Pakistan vs. West Indies at Christ Church on February 20, 2015. This match could be considered as a battle of spinners. With comeback of Saeed Ajmal, it could be an unpredictable match.
The statistics are a mixed bag of rainbow colours



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